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M’sian Man & His Mother Threaten To Dump Pregnant GF Unless She Gets Abortion



Source: China Press & Oriental Daily

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Being pregnant can be a difficult situation when your partner isn’t supportive in the matter.

Recently, the internet was taken by storm after a mother-son duo from Segamat called for the young girlfriend of the son, who had gotten pregnant, to have an abortion.

According to China Press, the young man and his mother advised the girl to see a doctor for abortion as soon as possible and the man had even threatened to not marry her if she chooses otherwise.



Short videos and recordings have surfaced online, where the mother-son duo can be seen having a discussion with the girl’s family in regards to the situation. They were unable to come to an agreement and left, as the girl’s family accused the man of being irresponsible.

In another recording, the young man can be heard explaining to the girl that he doesn’t have the money to raise a child, nor can they afford a home (as the man is staying at his parents’ house).

“Even if you give birth to the baby, I am unable to care for it. If you get an abortion now, later on, we can still be together and still have a baby. Now, do we have money?” the man can be heard saying.

He went on to explain that he is trying to be responsible for her by asking her for an abortion, adding that if she insists on having the baby, that he would not be responsible for it and he will not marry her.

The man even asked her if she wanted to be a ‘single mother’ and said that having the child will make it difficult to find a new boyfriend or husband in the future, in an attempt to scare her.

As long as she agrees to the abortion, he offered to marry her after he earned enough to buy a house and has enough money for three to five years.

His mother also allegedly took a turn to try and convince the girl to have an abortion, saying that if she really loved her son, she would solve the ‘small problem’ (have the abortion). She also went on to explain that being a single mother would be pitiful.

“If you love him, you will solve this ‘small problem’,” she said.

However, when approached by China Press, the mother shared that she had not spoken to the girl as she did not know what was going on, adding that the social media spread in regards to this incident was all false news and that she would be making a police report.


Taking responsibility

The entire incident took a turn when both the man and the girl’s families met at a police station to work things out, with the mediation of the officers present, but after an hour of negotiations, both families couldn’t come to an agreement.

The man changed his mind, saying that he would be responsible and take care of both the girlfriend and their baby, but with the support of her family, the girlfriend was no longer willing to marry the man, based on reports by Oriental Daily.

“I will be responsible for my girlfriend, because the child in her belly is my flesh and blood. Although today’s talks were fruitless, I will wait for her to change her mind and will take care of her and the child’s life in the future,” he said, adding that he hopes the girl’s parents will accept him again and allow him the chance to be a good father.



On top of all of that, the girl’s brother shared a conversation between the man and the pregnant girl, exposing that the man lied about wanting to marry the girl in the beginning. He strongly opposed his sister marrying ‘this kind of person’.

As shared by China Press, the man had asked the girl if she wanted to register to get married or to be compensated RM30,000 for the incident, to which her family accepted the compensation.

Her brother said that they had never asked for money from the man and his family, and that the compensation was offered by the man’s family as alimony.

The girl’s family went on to share that they will happily raise the baby.

“As long as our daughter stays by our side, it doesn’t matter how hard we have to work, our family will raise this child,” they said.

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Source: China Press

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