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M’sian Mak Cik Eating Giant Steak at Restaurant Brings Drinks from Home Because it is “Too Expensive”


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Source: TikTok | paanzery

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To be completely honest, we have all craved foods that make our mouths absolutely water, though it can sometimes cause our pockets to go absolutely dry.

One Malaysian mak cik, however, seemed to find a way around this conundrum using one smart method that even her son was amused by. Posted to his TikTok page @paanzery, the user, whose name is Farhan Azri, posted a clip of his mother at a restaurant with a big, juicy steak in front of her.

However, not seconds into the clip does she pull out a tumbler she brought from home to pour out what seems to be iced tea. Smiling at the camera, the mak cik pours the tea into her drinking glass before closing the tumbler and placing it beneath the dining table.

“Invited my mom to eat steak but she brought her own bottle from home because the drinks are expensive,” wrote Farhan a caption plastered across the screen.

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Thoroughly entertained by the video, many Malaysians expressed how much they related to Farhan’s mother, with plenty of people saying that they do the same.

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Nevertheless, a number of people agreed with what Farhan’s mother did, saying that the reason they would do is same is because most restaurants drive up the price of drinks too.

“Some restaurants really make the price of drinks very expensive. Sometimes cafes will also start them at RM8, when in reality it’s just iced tea,” wrote another user.

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You can watch the full TikTok video below:


pernah tak kena mcm ni? hahaha #fyp

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In the wake of inflation, Farhan’s umi is not just doing the smart thing, but the practical thing.


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