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M’sian Lady With Special Needs Marries Taiwanese Man Who Lost His Limbs, Proves Love Exists


Inspiring Special Needs Couple Gets Married, Shows That Love Knows No Boundaries - World Of Buzz 6
Source: Sin Chew Daily

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People always say a lot of negative things about love, such as love is blind or love is unfair, etc.

Well, no matter how you felt about love before, this couple will surely change your opinions and make you truly believe in it again.

According to Sin Chew Daily, Chen Jing Qi, a Malaysian lady and Xu Shi Huang, a Taiwanese man, became friends on Facebook on 25th November 2018. After getting to know each other, the pair of life instructors grew to respect and appreciate each other. Fast forward a year later, and the two of them have gone to the National Registration Office to register their marriage.

The story of Xu Shi Huang

Xu Shi Huang, who is originally from Taiwan, said that when he first lost his limbs in an accident, he almost wanted to give up.

“At first when I saw that I lost my limbs, it was quite painful as I was a very active person. As I was immobile after the accident, all I could do is just lie down in the hospital bed, listen to the sound of the machines and cry.”

He explained that he was in a bad place and had thought about taking his own life, but as he was immobile, he couldn’t even take a step. So, he chose to accept reality instead and began learning how to take care of himself.

Encouraged by other people with disabilities, he started to learn writing and painting using his mouth so that he can help and inspire others who have disabilities as well.

The story of Chen Jing Qi

Chen Jing Qi from Sandakan, Sabah, has been telling people her story all her life. She was born into this world with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is also known as brittle bone disease. People who are affected by this disease will get their bones broken easily, for example, a sneeze might cause their ribs to be broken.

She was very depressed when she was in bad shape due to her condition but fortunately, she turned to the people around her and asked them for help.

By sharing her experience and life story with lots of people, she managed to gain a following and her followers nominated her for an award. She submitted all necessary documents just for the sake of it and never thought that she’d be able to win it. When it was announced that she had won it, she went to the judges and asked why.

They said:

“You have the power to influence others and also bring a change to the society.”

After hearing that, she realised that she DOES have the power, and she never thought that by just doing what she loves, she would be able to earn a living as a life instructor in Taiwan.

Xu Shi Huang was infected by the positiveness that she emits and so, the couple will now be going out to give talks together whenever they receive any invitations.

The environment for the disabled in Malaysia

Chen Jing Qi believes that family concepts will determine the fate of a disabled person’s life. She said that in some families, the disabled people tend to shut themselves out and some choose to leave their families because they feel like they are making everyone uneasy.

At the same time, she also said that the Malaysian government also has a part to play in all of this as they have neglected the needs of people with disabilities.

She says:

“I have always wanted to go to school but 30 years has passed and yet the country has not improved. We are still people, you know? We also need friends, education, work and interaction with the society.”

Last year, she decided to move to Taiwan alone. Even with lots of unknowns, she braved through it with this in her head:

“If you encounter a problem, you solve it. When there’s a problem, there will always be a way to solve it.”

The story of Chen Jing Qi and Xu Shi Huang

Once people got to know of the couple’s engagement, they received lots of positivity and blessings. People who see them on the streets will recognise them and want to take pictures with them, and certain photographers have asked them if they would want to get their wedding pictures taken for free!

They are now looking forward to going to new places and experiencing new things together.

As a final word of encouragement, Chen Jing Qi would like to say this to everyone:

“I believe that there is a saying that says when God closes a door, he will leave a window for you and he will not shut you down. I hope that everyone will be able to cherish life and take good care of themselves.”

We wish that both of them will have a happy marriage, and that they will be able to see many new things together!


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