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“Mothers just need to work harder,” Msian Bashed for Mansplaining Breasfeeding



Source: Romper & Twitter

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Mansplaining is the act of a man explaining something to a woman in a condescending manner even in a matter where the woman has superior knowledge. Now, it’s already unwise to mansplain basically anything but imagine mansplaining a process or a situation that’s completely alien to a man and one that only a woman undergoes.

You would think this is something foolish but apparently it’s not. A Twitter user posted his opinion on breastfeeding and how it’s the “best thing” for your babies as nature intended.

“The best thing for your babies is breastmilk, direct latch as nature intended. Strive to make sure your get kids get it as such.”

To, this another Twitter user mentioned that while breastfeeding is the best, not all mothers can breastfeed.

“Yep. Some mothers need to work hard to get more money to shop for fancy shoes and bags, so they left their babies at daycares with formula. More convenient!”

To no one’s surprise, this statement was met with a lot of backlash as many mothers felt this was an issue he had no rights to speak about and breastfeeding is an emotional journey.

“My supply started to drop after I had a series of long meetings at work and I couldn’t find the time to pump on time. Still vividly remember I was crying while pumping to make sure there was enough 4 oz as I was afraid my baby would starve but I still couldn’t. Until bleeding ya.

But yeah, we’re all just lazy moms. We’re too busy chasing the materialistic world until we can’t direct feed our kids. Who told us to be poor, and to work and make a living right?”

Hours after the insensitive statement, the Twitter user posted an apology and how he failed to empathise on the struggles of today’s mothers who have to juggle so many things in life while breastfeeding their children.

He even added that for mothers struggling with breastfeeding, don’t give up. “Follow breastfeeding advocate groups on social media, consult the right ppl, equip yourselves with knowledge, even way before you get pregnant,” he said.

Now, his tweet should’ve ended there with this seemingly heartfelt apology. Unfortunately, this morning, 22 October, his tweet was… hostile to say the least.

“You people are still not done yet, here’s some advice:

  1. Stop making fun. You look stupid.
  2. My apology are for mums who got offended reading my tweet, not for entitled millennials so stop overreacting.
  3. You want to boycott my business and bankrupt it? By all means, go ahead! Rezeki is in who’s hands?

Moral of the story: if you have nothing nice to say, maybe don’t say anything at all, especially if it’s not your forte. What’s your take on this issue? Let us know in the comments section!


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