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Miss Giving a Handshake? Here Are 11 Alternative Greetings You Can Try Now!



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Remember those pre-Covid-19 days? Much simpler times filled with uninhibited smiles and sardine-packed trains. But can you imagine trying to give someone a handshake nowadays?

Not to worry because MOH has released an infographic on other ways you can express your affection without resorting to a now forbidden handshake. Here are some methods you can practice at your next meeting or yumcha:

1. The Wave

Yeah, it’s as simple as that! Waving can be used to indicate Hello and also Goodbye. Although not as formal as a handshake, given the current circumstances, people will definitely agree that this way is the more hygienic method.

2. Hands Placed On Chest (Salam Malaysia)

This method has even been recognized by the Ministry Of Health where you place your right hand on the left side of your chest followed by a salam or a greeting as an alternative to shaking hands.

Affectionately called Salam Malaysia, it is definitely a more professional greeting manner, especially if you’re someone who works in the government sector.

3. Namaste

I know, I know, Namaste is an Indian greeting, but this greeting shouldn’t only be used in your yoga class. Besides being more hygienic, the Namaste creates a more positive aura by the lack of touch, according to MBG Mindfulness.

When a lack of physical contact is made, the chance of negativity minimizes. Remember this next time even though we’re all still supposed to nama-stay at home!

4. Hello (International Sign Language)

On your lazy days, why not try this simple gesture that is recognized in the International Sign Language.

I mean, if you can do the wipe-down Tik Tok challenge, you can definitely greet your friends like this!

5. What’s Up Nod?

You know one of those days when you’re just not in the mood but don’t wanna seem rude, how bout a simple upwards nod? Not only are you avoiding contact, but you’re also giving an impression that you’re somewhat cool.

6. The Peace Sign

Are you even Asian if you don’t know the signature peace sign? While a staple in our photographs, why not incorporate this move into your daily greetings?

7. The Bow

Another Asian staple is the respectful bow you reserve for your elders or teachers. There’s of course, a proper method to bowing, don’t just simply bend your back and call it a day. The correct bowing goes:

  • Stand straight with your feet together, forming a ‘V’ with your heels
  • Bend at the waist, but keep your back straight.

8. Eyebrow Raise

With more than half of your face closed, it’s time to let your eyes or specifically your eyebrows do all the talking.

Just two eyebrow raises is enough to signify that you’re acknowledging the person in front of you. However, be careful, there’s a fine line between being friendly and looking like a pervert.

9. Wakanda Forever!

Who said this move is specifically for fictional characters and millionaire movie stars? We can start incorporating this move into our daily lives.

Don’t worry, this move doesn’t only mean you pledge your allegiance to Wakanda, but it also means a ‘hug’ or ‘love’ in ASL, American Sign Language.


10. The Dab

Don’t worry, you WON’T look like a noob if you dab. In this day of minimal contact, what other way to greet and look cool while you’re at it.

But again, be careful while you’re ‘dabbing’, make sure not to hurt anyone with your “swag”.

11. Korean Heart Signs

This move that resembles the human heart is definitely in-trend now. Prove you’re an #army and look cute while greeting others!

While this move does resemble the “asking for money” gesture, if anyone chooses to give you money, isn’t that a plus point?

Which of this move will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments section!


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