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Migrant Worker At Top Glove Ipoh Loses Hand In Factory Accident, Sources Say This Isn’t First Time



Source: WOB & Nikkei Asian Review

A Bangladeshi worker at Top Glove, Ipoh lost his wrist in a factory accident yesterday. During the incident, the worker, Biplob Mia, was clearing the bypass gloves in the washing brush tank with chemical resistant long gloves. However, the washing brush was not switched off due to an isolated switch that was malfunctioning.

The incident happened around 5.45am and it happened when his loose resistant gloves got caught in the rotating shafts of the washing brush which lead to his right arm being severed.

Top Glove confirmed in a statement that the injured worker was sent to the closest hospital without delay. “He was urgently given full attention and treatment by the hospital’s medical personnel and is reported to be in a stable condition,” they said.

The company reassured that they are moving quickly towards establishing stringent and added remedial measures to continue promoting the wellbeing of its workers and making sure they are kept safe from harm and injury.

Migrant worker rights specialist, Andy Hall, told World of Buzz that based on an anonymous source, there are too many accidents which have happened at Top Glove but many of those go untold. The source added that despite proper safety precautions, these accidents still happen as there’s much mental pressure from Top Glove staff.

Not the First Time 

According to Andy, he was informed by a source that another incident had allegedly taken place in Top Glove Johor on 28 October where a worker’s ankle was injured resulting in a deep cut. Andy was also sent the following video and photo.

On July 2020, it was reported that the US had banned imports from Top Glove, over forced labour concerns. Channel 4 News investigation recently revealed the shocking working conditions of migrant workers in Top Glove Malaysian factories who were forced to meet intense production targets to churn out mass amounts of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What do you think about these unfortunate incidents? Gross negligence or an accident? Let us know in the comments section!


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