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Malaysian Shares Unbelievable Frustration on Why She MISSED Her Flight in KLIA 2



Malaysian Shares Unbelievable Frustration Why She MISSED Her Flight in KLIA 2 - World Of Buzz 2

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I’m sure most of us have taken a plane before. Hence, we all know that paranoia that comes along with it – double checking the time of our flight, making sure we arrive 2-3 hours earlier so we will NOT ever miss our flight.

However, a post from a fellow frustrated Malaysian recently surfaced, where she expressed her disa on how she missed her flight because she couldn’t drop of her baggage.

Rohana wrote,

“So I just missed my flight today because I couldn’t drop off my baggage (I’ve already web-checked in).”

She described how queue was ‘too long’ at the time.

Malaysian Shares Unbelievable Frustration Why She MISSED Her Flight in KLIA 2 - World Of Buzz

While she waited for her turn at the queue, she got immensely worried when it had hit one hour before her departure.

“I got worried and asked for your staff’s kind help for baggage drop, so they directed me to a ‘special’ counter which turned out to be way longer than the one I was already in and to my dismay, I was asked to queue up again.

“I asked whether this is ok because really, it’s less than an hour before departure.. they replied in their sweet smiles that the counter would definitely help see to it no matter what. I asked THREE different staff and got the same answer.”

However, once she reached the counter, her nightmare was realised as she was denied baggage drop.

Rohana claims that she was even criticised for not coming earlier to check in.

“And I was told that it’s my fault cos they’ve announced from the counter that check-in was going to close.

“I knew there should be something like that which was again, why, I approached your staff for help. And I guess I was at the other row of counters (that I was told to go to) when they made that announcement.

“I was told to go to yet ANOTHER counter. Now this guy here told me I can bring in one of my bags via hand-carry, send the other one to the storage area at the floor below, and try to make it for the flight, which was in less than 5 mins.

“Sir, I’m flattered that you think I’m superwoman but I’m really not.”

In the end, she did miss her flight. But she mentions how there were staffs who really went out of their way to help and she appreciated all that they did.

“This very guy made me wait in front of him for the next flight to reopen, clocked out from work around 4, left the counter, and asked me to queue (again) at the next counter.

“I searched for and found back the staff who I sought help from before (the one who led me to the counter and said it’d be ok), she led me to her superior and disappeared.

“I’m thankful that there were a couple of really nice staff especially that particular superior and the lovely lady at counter T16, they seem to feel for me and let me pay minimum fee (which is still a lot for me) to hop onto the next flight.”

She ends the post hoping that the system and order could be improved, as well as the staff’s management, as apparently she wasn’t the only one who missed her flight due to the long unorganised queue.

“What made me very upset was that I followed your staff’s instructions and got a rather harsh response in the end. I was not late, but now I know I have to be waaaaaaaay earlier.”

Netizens who read her post suggested her to go much earlier because unforeseen circumstances like these do happen. Others recalled similar experiences they’ve had as well, mentioning that it happens across all airlines.

Her post does serve a good reminder to everyone that the next time you’re taking a flight out, it’s better to be there much earlier than missing your flight!

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