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Looking For CNY Gifts? Here Are 5 Ong-Ful Presents M’sians Can Give For Good Luck!


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Any Malaysian knows that the season for bearing gifts doesn’t end with Christmas or the New Year. That’s right, because just around the corner is the ever-prosperous Chinese New Year! With the Year of the Rabbit quickly gaining up on us like a literal rabbit, it’s high time for you to think about getting the best gifts for your friends and family!

Not confident in your gifting choices? Fret not! We have a bunch of ong-filled suggestions to help you express love, gratitude, respect and most importantly, fill your lunar new year with good luck!


1. Food sets and hampers

Closeup Traditional Vietnamese Snacks Desserts Dish Table

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” And that saying holds true for any culture, especially the Chinese culture! So wouldn’t we all agree that food in the form of combo sets and hampers are the best gifts for the CNY season? If you can’t decide on what food to look for in combo sets or hampers, here are our suggestions!:

  • Fruits: Oranges, kumquats, tangerines and pomelos are your best bet as they’re believed to bring good luck and happiness!
  • Sweet rice balls: More than just a delectable snack, the round shape of these rice balls signifies unity, harmony and family togetherness!
  • Nian Gao: Known as “year cakes”, these sticky rice flour cakes are typically eaten on the first day of the year to bring better health, wealth and happiness!
  • Tray of Togetherness: Commonly divided into six or eight compartments, this round tray can be filled with an assortment of small treats like dried fruits, nuts or candies! They represent peace and harmony, making them the best family-friendly gift during CNY!


2. Chinese tea set

Chinese Tea Set With Metallic Strainer Wooden Tray

“Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.” You can tell from this Chinese proverb alone that tea is an integral part of many Chinese people’s daily lives, so there’s no going wrong with sending Chinese tea sets as gifts! And it won’t do to just send tea packets in their packaging as-is; take it up a notch by packaging them in a nicely wrapped variety box! That way, your friends and loved ones will see how much thought you put into gifting them for this CNY!


3. Cookware and tableware

178378738 L 40 Percent Brighter

If you’re looking to give your loved ones non-perishable items this CNY, why not help them wine and dine in style with all-new tableware and cookware? Help them adorn their kitchens with some auspicious in-season tableware including plates, bowls, cutlery and many more to wish them good livelihood, luck and success! And the in-house chefs shouldn’t slack with their cookware either, so treat them to some high-quality pans, sheets, pots and any other kitchen pieces that’ll bring out their best home cook!


4. House plants

Pexels Markus Winkler 13677856

Wanna opt for gifts that are both in-season for the lunar new year AND perfect to have all year round? Why not gift your loved ones with house plants? Many believe that house plants can usher in good luck and prosperity to your home! And if the person you’re gifting to happens to be a plant parent, then that’s a major plus! Here are some plants you can consider gifting to let them bask in some ong for the year!:

  • Money plant: This plant holds a massive amount of positive energy that helps homeowners obtain good luck and money (it’s right there in the name)!
  • Lucky bamboo: The number of stems is a determinant of your luck (it’s also right there in the name!), plus it’s easy to grow inside the house and it lifts your interior atmosphere!
  • Basil plant: Being regarded as auspicious in Eastern spirituality, basil can dispel negative energy and harmful microorganisms!
  • Jade plant: Also known as the dollar plant, this plant is believed to bring good luck and wealth to homeowners. Perfect if you want your CNY gift to double as a housewarming present!


5. Beverages

00 Apple Lanterns

“A thousand cups of wine is not too much when best friends meet.” In Chinese culture, drinking is one of the most surefire ways to foster friendships due to its essential role in the social life of Chinese adults! And if your friend is a big drinker, let them do a ganbei (toast) by gifting them some drinks! Is fine wine a bit out of your budget? Then there’s nothing a few six-packs of beverages can’t do to liven up the festivities!

That being said, not all Malaysians can or need to drink alcohol to whoop it up—a good sparkling drink is sufficient for us to soak up the festive spirit! 

Wanna enjoy a delectable alcohol-free drink? Then try out the Somersby Apple 0.0, which has the deliciously refreshing zest that Malaysians have come to love, minus the alcohol!

Ezgif 2 39Ce30514F

Who says you need alcohol to enjoy a good ol’ sparkling drink for the Year of the Rabbit? With Somersby’s trusty natural fruit-flavoured Apple 0.0, you can get all the zest that Somersby is well-known for, this time with 0% alcohol!

With more juicy zest, more refreshing oomph and more flavour for you to enjoy, this alcohol-free alternative lets you take part in any celebration or occasion without relying on the effects of alcohol! Perfect if you wanna enjoy the upcoming CNY festivities without going under the influence!

00 Mahjong Jenga V2

This lunar new year, start your own new traditions by celebrating responsibly with the Somersby 0.0! This fruity brew is best served over ice and paired with any delectable food, especially the seasonal cuisine for this CNY!

Using its pleasant acidity and lingering apple aroma, this delectable sparkling drink is bound to refresh you on a hot Malaysian day with its balanced and citrus-y taste!

00 Group 4

Thirsting for a delicious can of Somersby Apple 0.0 already? Then get yours now on Shopee! And while you’re at it, buy them in bulk to zest up your upcoming CNY celebrations!

For more info on the Somersby 0.0, follow them on their social media pages!:

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