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Kuantan Resident Builds a MASSIVE Speed Bump Near Their Home & Malaysians aren’t Impressed


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Source: Warga Kuantan OFFICIAL | Facebook

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Speed bumps, or as Malaysians call it, bumpers, are “traffic calming” devices that use vertical deflection to slow down vehicles to improve traffic safety and are usually found in school and residential areas throughout our country.

However, not all speed bumps are built the same, with some bigger than others and can even cause potential damage to vehicles if not made according to the Public Works Department’s specifications.


Kuantan resident builds a MASSIVE speed bump near their home

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Nothing exemplifies this more than a viral photo of a speed bump in an undisclosed residential area in Kuantan, Pahang.

Shared by Putera Walid to the Warga Kuantan OFFICIAL Facebook page, the MASSIVE speed bump caught the attention of Malaysians who had a field day in the comments making fun of it.

In the photo taken at nighttime, the speed bump is so tall that its tallest point is seemingly higher than the front bumper of a pickup truck which is also captured in the photo.

In the caption, Putera Walid sarcastically asserted,

“This speed bump is still low. Hope the homeowner can increase the height to waist level… 😏”

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No further information was given in the post but based on the caption, the speed bump was not erected by the Public Works Department nor the Kuantan City Council, but rather by a resident in the area.

Furthermore, a closer look at the speed bump also alludes to it being erected independently rather than according to the proper specs, as the length of the speed bump is even wider than the road itself.


Malaysians aren’t impressed by the homeowner’s actions

In the comments section, many Malaysians criticised the resident for building a speed bump that could be hazardous to road users.

One commenter urged nearby residents to complain about the speed bump to the Public Works Department as one needs proper approval to build a speed bump.

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Meanwhile, one commenter sarcastically said that the homeowner might as well build a wall rather than a speed bump. Another commenter echoed the same sentiment, sarcastically urging the homeowner to just build an artificial hill on the road.

Besides that, one netizen called the homeowner “mad with power”, while another jokingly called for the speed bump to be chest high.

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So, what do you guys think of the massive speed bump? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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