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Kind Lady Quickly Gets Out Of Car While Waiting At Traffic Light To Offer Food To Elderly Man



Source: Facebook
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Kindness can transcend race, religion, gender and any other physical boundaries it faces.

One good example of this is an incident that happened at a traffic light in Langkawi.

A woman stopped at a red light at the Pokok Asam KFC, Langkawi saw an elderly man crossing the road in front of her. She quickly got down from her car and offered the man food for the breaking of his fast later in the day. The sweet incident was showcased by Mohd Aminudin in the LANGKAWI SANA SINI Facebook group.

He wrote, “Blessed Ramadhan to my Muslim brothers and sisters. I accidentally witnessed this woman who got down from her car at a red light by the Pokok Asam KFC to offer food to an elderly man who was crossing the road. What a noble heart you have, even though she is not Muslim, she still cares enough to be generous to everyone based on her humanity.”

“I hope this post reaches her, the woman who gave the food to the elderly man. Thank you so much for your help,” he ended the posting.

This woman’s actions should be exemplified by all Malaysians, especially those who are capable of helping others. But all in all, the lesson learnt here to be kind to everyone, after all, kindness is free to give.

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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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