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“I want to smell the scent” Japanese Man Steals Women’s Shoes & Replaces Them



Source: 【公式】日テレNEWS | YouTube

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A 33-year-old man from Japan was arrested after he was found to have stolen several women’s shoes and replace them with brand new ones. He claimed he stole them as he “wanted to smell the scent of women’s shoes”.

According to Sora News 24, Hiroaki Katsu from Nagakute City in Aichi, was arrested and charged with theft after authorities found about 20 pairs of women’s shoes in his house, ranging from boots, pumps, flats, and loafers.

Katsu’s activities were discovered when he stole a pair of shoes valued at about 5,000 yen (RM188) from a 23-year-old woman and replaced the stolen shoes with brand new ones.

The incident happened at 10am on 30 January when the woman put on her old shoes and went to work. It is common for people in Japan to change into slippers while at work, which is probably when the thief swapped out the woman’s shoes for new ones.

When the woman put on her shoes before heading home, she felt something strange as the shoes she wore to work were thoroughly broken in, whereas the shoes she wore back home felt new at the end of the day.

The woman contacted the police under suspicion that her shoes had been switched out, after which the authorities opened an investigation which led to Katsu’s arrest on 6 April. He confessed to the crime and told the authorities that “it’s not a mistake”.

Katsu and the woman had never met before he stole her shoes.

He was initially arrested for the theft of one woman’s shoes but was later found with a collection of shoes belonging to different women. When questioned, he confessed to stealing those shoes as well.

“I wanted to smell the scent of women’s shoes,” he said.

Police believe the crimes were premeditated as Katsu had taken the time and effort to replace each pair of stolen shoes with a new pair of the same brand, style, size, and colour.

They are currently investigating whether additional charges should be placed against him.


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