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“I Still Have My Family,” M’sia’s Tallest Woman is Blind Due to Glaucoma, Diabetes, Suffers From Gigantism



"My Prayers Are My Only Motivation" M'sia's Tallest - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: HarianMetro

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Life can be so unpredictable. One minute we’re up and the next minute we’re down. But it’s up to us to navigate through this complicated maze and stand up after every obstacle that brings us down. This is what Nur Azleen Jamaluddin, the tallest woman in Malaysia, tells herself as she suddenly lost her eyesight due to glaucoma and diabetes.

Source: HarianMetro

Standing at 194 cm, she once represented Selangor in basketball and was in the Malaysian Basketball Association. However, in 1993, during a medical check-up required to enter a sports academy, she was discovered to have Acromegaly Gigantism, a condition where the growth hormones are excessively secreted. This soon led to her health slowly deteriorating. Harian Metro released a heartbreaking video on Nur Azleen and her struggles.

In the video, she mentioned how she went blind three years ago and it completely turned her world upside down. She also said she has “surrendered to Allah” and her only motivation is her prayers.

“It feels like I’m in a dark tunnel and have no idea which direction to go. I’m surrounded by walls.”

Nur Azleen currently lives with her mother, whom she said is her only hope. “Sometimes I wonder how I would survive without my mom. I’m grateful that after what happened, I still have my family who never abandoned me under any circumstances.”

Source: HarianMetro

It’s so brave of Nur Azleen to keep facing the hurdles of life no matter how big. Her faith in God is so inspiring, and she proves that with your loved ones, you can get over anything.


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