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“Hungry or not?” Flood Victim Invites Abang Bomba To Join Him For Maggi As They Rescue Him



Source: Facebook

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We have been reading multiple reports on the floods affecting the East coast of Malaysia. Many victims have been affected by floods that have taken over the roads, causing them to shut down. Many homes have been ruined as water levels have reached their roofs.

In these moments where many are facing hardships, it is crucial for us to remain positive.

Recently, a post on Tiktok has caught the attention of many netizens showing a man being ever so relaxed and chilling in a lorry while enjoying the comfort of cooking a meal with his portable stove.


mantap👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹 terima Kasih abam bomba datang tgok kita…jap jap jap nk makan meeegi 🤲🤲🤲ya Allah

♬ bunyi asal – kipas lipas – kipas lipas

If you take a closer look in the background on his dashboard, you can actually see that he’s actually stocked up on loads of food.

The cherry on top of it all is that this has been happening in the midst of a flood. No joke!

Look closely at the background of the video and you’ll see the waters coming close to chest levels as two abang bomba come to rescue the man sitting in the lorry.

Shockingly, the man invited these abang bomba to join him for a meal of ‘Maggi mee’.

“Cakkk! Abang bomba. Come up! Have some Maggi first. Hungry or not?” he humorously asked.

The firefighters then asked him whether he would like to move to a place that is much safer.

Judging by the man’s behaviour in the video, he looked very comfortable in the situation he was in by remaining positive and humourous. Nonetheless, we really hope that he agreed to follow the abang bomba to higher grounds!

Netizens loved the video as they found it odd but hilarious. Some even said that it was inspiring how the man stayed calm amidst being surrounded by water.

The video has gotten almost 90,000 likes on TikTok and of course, it has been circulating on other platforms as well.

We hope that everyone stays safe and remains calm during these hard times.


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