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“What’s happening to this world?” – HK Actor Tells Netizens to Stop Joking About Abby Choi’s Murder


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Source: Instagram | bob_lamshingbun & Instagram | xxabbyc

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Abby Choi’s gruesome murder in Hong Kong has shocked the world, with many expressing sympathy towards the unfortunate soul, while others criticise the in-laws for such an inhuman act.

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Sadly, some netizens find it appropriate to make a joke out of the murder during the tough times for the family. Hong Kong actor Lam Shing Bun, fondly known as Bob, who also served as the master of ceremonies during Abby’s second wedding in 2016 has since responded to netizens who had the audacity to make a joke about her death.

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In his Instagram post, Bob explained how we will never be able to keep someone from criticising and making assumptions, and he did so by giving a few examples of life experiences.

“When you’re successful, they’ll say you’re just lucky and the success won’t last long. When the news reported about new, young performers, they’ll say they’re not interested.”

Bob gave quite a number of examples before he highlighted the main issue that he had in mind.

“When they see a news about a girl brutally murdered, they had the audacity to leave heartless and insulting comments,” Bob explained and referenced to Abby’s recent murder.

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Bob also said that some netizens in the public discussion forums are joking about the murder as if the matter is funny. Of course, Bob is not a fan of the comments that he has seen.

“What has happened to this world?” Bob questioned in his Instagram post.

In the meantime, the actor also admitted that while not many netizens are part of the “cult” that joked about Abby’s gruesome death, he could not fathom and understand the need for them to make such inappropriate jokes.

“Do you really think there are no boundaries when you’re commenting online?”

At the end of his post, Bob said that he wishes to see the killers brought to justice soon.

“Stop the bully, love more please”

Bob’s Instagram post has seen many followers of him conveying the same thoughts, and netizens, as well as some Hong Kong celebrities, have expressed their condolences to Abby and support to what Bob has said.

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“Please stop the online bullying, can we please give more love?”

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“This world needs more live, I don’t know why people are now lacking in empathy.”

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“The society is sick. Thank you Bob for voicing out.”

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“The killer is too cruel, I hope he’s caught immediately!”

“Abby is no longer here, why don’t the netizens have empathy? Will you still joke if this happens to your family members?”

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“Agree with you, Bob. I see those comments online every day, and I, too, feel that the world has changed.”

“Those who insult, they’re not even that smart in real life.”

Rest in peace, Abby Choi. Now that the main suspects are in police custody, we hope that the killers will be brought to the face of justice.


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