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Abby Choi’s Murder: What You Need to Know About the Suspects Who are Abby’s Former in-laws


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Hong Kong model and fashion influencer, Abby Choi was murdered by her in-laws over a money dispute. Her her body was dismembered and her head was found in a soup pot.

Police in Hong Kong has apprehended 4 main suspects – Abby’s parents-in-law, brother-in-law, and her ex-husband, Alex Kwong, who is only 28 years old.

Who are they, and how are they capable of such terrifying and inhuman murder?

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Here’s what you need to know about Abby’s in-laws, but let’s start with Alex Kwong himself.

  • Alex Kwong Kong-chi (28), Abby’s ex-husband

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According to China Times, Alex has been a wanted criminal for 8 long years, and he is wanted for multiple fraud cases.

Alex would use dating apps and persuade the people he meet to invest in gold. Throughout the years, he managed to scam millions out of people and would disappear once the transactions were made. Alex is also said to be fooling around all these while and is not serious in his job.

By the time he was caught, Alex was still jobless.

  • Alex’s father (63), Abby’s former father-in-law

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Shockingly, the mastermind of this murder served as the detective police chief in Mong Kok back in 2005. In the same year, he was investigating a case which involved a female victim.

He was supposed to serve and protect but unfortunately, Alex’s father took the opportunity to meet with the female victim multiple times under the pretence of “investigation”. After gaining her trust, he raped the unfortunate woman at her house. He was later released on bail, according to Liberty Times Net.

China Times also reported that despite being divorced, Abby was still taking care of her former in-laws, and even allowed them to stay at the house that she purchased (but registered under Alex’s name). The money dispute took place when Abby wanted to sell the mansion, which Alex’s father was not happy about.

Eerily, when Abby was being dismembered, neighbours claimed that they heard loud noises from the meat grinder, and saw Alex’s father patrolling the area with a fierce look.

  • Anthony (31), Abby’s former brother-in-law

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A huge fan of the lavish lifestyle, Anthony worked as Abby’s driver prior to the latter’s death. His lifestyle has caused him to be trapped in many debts with the bank.

Hong Kong 01 reported that in 2019, Citibank in Hong Kong sued Anthony due to a debt of more than HKD230,000. An anonymous friend of Anthony told the media that in 2015, Anthony went to Los Angeles to pursue his study. Like his younger brother Alex, Anthony could not seem to be serious when it comes to both his studies and career.

  • Lee (63), Abby’s former mother-in-law

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Last but not least, Alex’s mother may not be one of the planners of the crime, but News HNR reported that Lee certainly knew what was going on.

Regardless, Lee was apprehended by the police for obstructing the authorities in carrying out their duties. It seems that financial issues run in the family as a few years back, Lee was declared bankrupt by the court.

As of today (February 27), all of them have been escorted to Kowloon’s Magistrate Court.

Money dispute happens all the time, but who knew the mastermind and the executioners turned out to be Abby’s in laws??


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