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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Food Delivery Blackout Happening Today!


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Source: Samudera.my | Twitter & Utusan

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As many of you may already know, there is a Food Delivery Blackout in effect for today involving riders from a majority of platforms found in Malaysia, from GrabFood to Foodpanda, AirAsia Food, Lalamove, Easi, ShopeeFood and more.

So, for 24 hours, riders who are on strike and participating in the Blackout will not be turning on their work applications to make deliveries.

A GrabFood delivery rider, Arekim Suematsu, shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that the Blackout was organised due to alleged unfair payment schemes recently implemented by the platforms.

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“We wanted to do this ‘mogok’ campaign because HQ is paying us at the lowest we can get,” he shared with WORLD OF BUZZ.

“We are usually paid by distance. The longer the distance, the more we get. But nowadays, it’s getting lower. Also, when we get double or triple deliveries, the shortest distance, it’s like we’re doing it for free. If we want to cancel the order, the cancellation rate has been growing and will disqualify the weekly bonus,” he said.

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Additionally, Arekim explained that riders’ minimum payments have also been lowered.

“And recently, we just got the news that our minimum payments will be reduced from RM5 for below 5km, to RM3 for below 5km. Some riders have called the Grab call center and they confirmed it. But after a lot of riders spoke out about it, suddenly they said it was fake and they will not reduce the minimum payment.”

“But, a lot of riders outside of the Klang Valley said that their minimum payment is RM3 for below 5km. For me, it’s not fair,” he said, adding that when promotions are implemented by the platforms, rider’s payments will be cut as well.

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People have since been urged to avoid making orders for today due to the Blackout, and many are standing in solidarity with these riders especially considering the hardships these food delivery riders, who were also ‘frontliners’ during the Covid-19 lockdowns, have to endure.

From having to make deliveries through heavy rains and intense heat, to dealing with customers who make scam orders, Malaysians believed riders deserve better pay. Not to forget, riders also endanger themselves by weaving in and out of busy traffic to ensure deliveries are made in a timely fashion, or risk the wrath of unreasonable customers.

Many rely on these riders to keep them fed and have since taken to social media to share support for them receiving better compensation for their work.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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Source: Samudera.my
Source: Utusan
Source: P News

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