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“He eats everything now” – M’sian GF ‘Trains’ Brazilian BF to Eat M’sian Food Until He Becomes a Fan


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Source: Xiao Hong Shu

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Being in a relationship does not only mean you’re signing up for the better and tougher days together but also to see your partner change. In this case, a Malaysian GF was proud to see how his Brazilian BF went from saying no to Malaysian food to being a massive fan of it!

男朋友快变成马来西亚人了???? 5 Jamie 来自小红书网页版

In her Xiao Hong Shu post, the Malaysian woman, Jamie, shared pictures of his Brazilian BF, Davi, enjoying various Malaysian food at different places. When Davi first came to Malaysia, Jamie was worried about his acceptance of Malaysian food, especially since Davi’s taste buds could NOT accept spicy food.

“The spice packs from Mi Sedap was spicy to him.”

男朋友快变成马来西亚人了???? 1 Jamie 来自小红书网页版

But the tables have turned. Davi now CANNOT live without Malaysian food!

“He can’t stop saying how delicious Malaysian food are now!” Jamie said in her post.

From toasts to roti canai and maggi goreng at mamak restaurants to banana leaf, Davi has no problem eating like one of the locals now, all thanks to the “training” he had undergone with Jamie.

男朋友快变成马来西亚人了???? 9 Jamie 来自小红书网页版

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Jamie said she started by giving Davi the spicy Indomie. With his previous low tolerance for spicy, it was not easy for him.

“He definitely couldn’t accept the food here. He was judging me for eating half-boiled eggs. It was gross to him.”

We guess the joke’s now on Davi. Look who’s enjoying his good, hot bowl of half-boiled eggs!

男朋友快变成马来西亚人了???? 6 Jamie 来自小红书网页版

Davi, who has been with Jamie for about 1.5 years, initially thought most of the food here was unappetizing and looked weird. Jamie told WORLD OF BUZZ that he started to accept the “strong Asian flavors” in Malaysian food after she made him try them.

我的巴西男孩?? 1 Jamie 来自小红书网页版

Several attempts later, Davi started to crave the local food. You can go through the full album of Davi enjoying his Malaysian food here.


To those in a relationship with someone from a different country, how’s your luck in adapting your partner’s tastebuds to the local food here?


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