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WATCH: Foreigner Orders Food at a Restaurant in M’sia in Impressive Malay, Netizens are Amazed!


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Source: Tiktok

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Travelling to a foreign country is always an exciting and eye-opening experience. The thrill of exploring new cultures, traditions, and, of course, trying local cuisine is an adventure itself!

Recently, foreign content creator Boru @marl.boru shared a video of him in a Malaysian restaurant, attempting to order Malaysia’s beloved dish, nasi lemak

Img 7463

With his practised Malay language skills, Boru confidently approached the counter and requested not one, but two servings of nasi lemak. The way he spoke in Malay was like music to the ears, effortlessly conversing with the local Malaysian cashier.

Boru’s linguistic skills impressed everyone present, and the cashier was all ears, jotting down his order.

As Boru went through the menu, his curiosity got the best of him, and he sought the cashier’s guidance for something sweet to satisfy his taste buds.

Img 7459

In response, the cashier recommended the delectable ‘Roti goyang’ and the mouth-watering ‘Roti kaya’. Witnessing their delightful exchange was heartwarming, and dare we say, rather cool!

Img 7460

Roti kaya is a sweet breakfast dish made of toast with coconut jam, while Roti goyang is a popular dipping bread in beaten eggs and frying it until crispy. Toppings like chocolate sprinkles, cheese, or condensed milk are often added.

Img 7466

Intrigued by the suggestions, Boru decided to indulge himself further and ordered the recommended treats along with two cups of iced coffee. 

Img 7462

Throughout the encounter, Boru pronounced the names of dishes like “nasi lemak” and “ayam goreng”. His efforts caught the attention of his friend, who couldn’t help but express astonishment, exclaiming, “You can speak Malay now?”

Img 7465

Even the cashier couldn’t help but crack a smile. 

Netizens were impressed by Boru speaking in Malay!

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4 14

You can watch the video below.


Trying to practise some of my Malay 👋whilst showing my friend a nasi lemak spot at Janda Baik. Terbaik #traveltiktok #languagelearning #cyclin #bikepacking #explore #fyp #malaysia #kualalumpur #travel #worldwide #nasilemak

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Beyond ordering a mouth-watering meal, we uncovered something more profound — the extraordinary kindness and hospitality of the Malaysian people.

The cashier’s unwavering dedication to assisting a foreigner spoke volumes about the warmth of Malaysian culture.

So, what are your thoughts? Do share your comments below!


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Source: Tiktok
Source: Tiktok
Source: Tiktok

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