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Five Students Kill 17yo Classmate by Crushing Him With Motorbike for Sitting in Front Seat



Group of Students Killed 17yo Classmate by Crushing Head & Stomach for Sitting in Front Row - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Daily Mail

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Those of us who’ve been to high school or university know there is always that one classmate who always chooses to sit in the front row of the class. Most would gladly give up their seat to this student and proceed to the back of the room where they can probably chit-chat with their friends or have a quick snooze during class.

However, a group of students in Deoria, India were upset when their classmate wanted to sit in the front row of seats of their classroom at a training institute.

On 6th June, 17-year-old Ranjit Kumar Singh got into an argument with this group of classmates when he insisted on sitting in the front row. Two days later, they were still angry at him and decided to confront and attack him, reported Daily Mail.

Source: Daily Mail

As he was leaving the class on 8th June, they stripped him to his underwear and beat him using rods and sticks until he became unconscious. They then used their motorbikes and rode over him, crushing his head and stomach.

This inevitably led to his death before he could even be taken to the hospital. 

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

The police were alerted to the matter, but they only managed to capture one of the suspects at the crime scene. The five male suspects are aged between 17 and 20 years old.

Meanwhile, the manager of the training institute was also found to be missing, and it is believed that he conducted lessons in the school without permission.

OMG! How can kids be so cruel and brutal nowadays? We hope these five boys will get the punishment they deserve for murdering their classmate!


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