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Find Your Business Soulmate: Here’s How This Platform Matches M’sian Startups with Investors & Talents


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Many of us dream of becoming our own bosses, but when it comes to getting it off the ground, the ‘abundance’ of red tape and resources needed makes it a daunting task for most. Fortunately, our government also wants us to succeed in kicking off our very own startup, which is why they created a platform that simplifies everything startup-related.

Introducing MYStartup, your one-stop platform for all your startup needs, including (and not limited to) access to resources, mentorship, funding and regulatory support.

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Announced by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), YB Tuan Chang Lih Kang, at KL20 Summit in April, MYStartup is Malaysia’s Single Window from MOSTI, the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Digital. And it’s part of the government plans to transform Malaysia into a top 20 global startup ecosystem by 2030, with 5,000 local startups already largely self-sustaining and successful.

Keen to find out what MYStartup is all about and how it can help budding Malaysian entrepreneurs? Here’s a quick rundown for you:


1. It’s all part of the plan KL20 Action Paper 

Mystartupmosti Kl20 Anwar

MYStartup is actually one of three key initiatives under the KL20 Action Paper, with the KL Innovation Belt and the Malaysia Venture Capital Roadmap as parts of the comprehensive roadmap. The KL20 Action Paper outlines substantial reforms to unite key stakeholders like founders, investors and talents to strengthen Malaysia’s startup tech sector.

Introduced by the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI), the KL Innovation Belt aims to connect and establish innovators, startups, corporates, investors and academia across strategic locations. This is to ensure that everyone has equal access to a supportive environment for startups, as well as essential amenities and growth opportunities to establish startups better.

Mystartupmosti Kl20 Summit Launch

And finally, the Malaysia Venture Capital Roadmap (MVCR) is created by an agency under MOSTI, the Malaysia Venture Capital Management (MAVCAP), with the goal of elevating the Malaysian startup ecosystem by 2030. To achieve this, the MCVR highlighted three main strategic pillars to focus on enhancing: funding, regulatory reform and capacity building.

With all three initiatives under the KL20 Action Paper working in tandem, the government aims to create a conducive and friendly atmosphere within the startup ecosystem in the country, so that they can better nurture and elevate tech-based startups to give them the success they deserve.


2. Founders: Kickstart your own boss journey

Mystartupmosti Yb Chang Lih Kang
YB Tuan Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

A total of 14 government agencies joined forces in developing this startup ecosystem to unite founders, investors and tech-talents alike, while offering comprehensive data, insights and resources on starting and scaling (i.e. supporting) a business, navigating funding options, and accessing essential support services.

As a startup founder, here are all the useful features of MYStartup which can help smoothen your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Connect with fellow startup founders and investors: Join the ever-growing startup community and connect with like-minded individuals/organisations.
  • Seek funding opportunities: Peruse MYStartup’s list of investors in the country and pitch your business idea to interested parties.
  • Receive guidance in establishing your startup: Refer to the latest founders guide to better navigate the startup ecosystem.
  • Join exclusive business enrichment programmes: Explore a wide variety of workshops and programmes that help grow your network, capital, and business capabilities.
  • Enjoy exclusive startup deals: Save more with exclusive discounts on various startup support on product development, sales and marketing, business operations and data management.


3. Investors & Tech Talents: Or join a future conglomerate!

Mystartupmosti Kl20 Females

Aside from founders, investors and tech talents are equally important in the startup ecosystem, which is why MYStartup introduced an abundance of features to better assist their journey.

With MYStartup, investors looking to prop up the startup ecosystem will have access to a centralised directory of tax incentives and list of programmes, just to name a few.

  • Discover Malaysia’s high potential startups: Browse MYStartup’s list of potentially-successful startups in the country that require financial support.
  • Explore support offered by national agencies and private firms: Receive aid on investor-related matters like tax incentives, equity crowdfunding (ECF) and more.
  • Join exclusive business enrichment programmes: Explore a wide variety of workshops and programmes that help you build your network and better understand business practices.

Mystartupmosti Kl20 Males

The primary obstacle in scaling startups is the challenge of hiring quality tech talents, so it’s no surprise that MYStartup dedicated a segment specifically aimed at gathering the best tech talents in the country, not to mention it helps the job market.

In MYStartup, tech talents will be able to access a centralised directory for the community and upskilling programmes, ultimately ensuring job placement at a startup they’re passionate about.

  • Discover job opportunities with startups: Scroll through MYStartup’s list of startups in Malaysia who are looking to hire tech talents.
  • Upskill with programmes and courses: Sign up for upskilling tech-related programmes and courses to boost your qualifications.
  • Connect with fellow tech talents: Join tech developer communities and receive exclusive access to invite-only events and programmes.

Whether you’re a startup founder, investor or tech talent (or a combination of either), MYStartup is the place to propel your business or career to the next level without being held down by the complicated buildup of startups.


Now everyone can be their own bosses!

Mystartupmosti Kl20 Girl Boss

Prepare for the next big wave of startups coming your way very soon, thanks to MYStartup. With all startup-related essentials compiled in one centralised directory, including resources, upskilling, funding opportunities and regulatory support, now it’s a lot easier for Malaysians to not only get their business ideas approved, but also get better support in terms of investors and tech talents.

Ready to bring your business or career to the next level? Sign up as a founder, investor or tech talent today at MYStartup to get the ball rolling! For more info or startup-centred updates, follow MOSTI on Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram and TikTok


Source: MOSTI
Source: MOSTI
Source: MOSTI
Source: MOSTI
Source: MOSTI
Source: MOSTI

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