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Feeling Stressed? Here Are 6 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Relax After Work & Why They’re Important


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Contrary to popular belief, rest and work are not opponents. In fact, the better you rest, the more efficient you’ll be at your work. This is why it is important to unwind after a long day so that we can bring more energy and productivity to work the next day! 

That said, keep on reading to learn the different ways to rest properly after work! 


1. Unleash your creativity to cope with negative emotions 

Did you know that being creative can improve our mental and physical health? Hobbies such as painting, dancing, and even cooking allow us to express difficult emotions through art creations, which act as a coping mechanism to manage sadness, trauma, anger, and other negative emotions.

In terms of physical health, putting pen on paper is found to boost our brain function by improving learning and memorization. Needless to say, a more mobile hobby like dancing helps us to become healthier and fit over time. Try picking up a creative hobby and you’ll find yourself better at coping with word-induced stress!

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2. Use calming aromas to regulate the nervous system

Calming aromas can regulate our nervous system by increasing the feeling of relaxation. Studies have shown that smelling and diffusing essential oils in the air are effective in relieving stress and anxiety, which is crucial in improving one’s mental health. 

New to aromatherapy? Fret not! We’ve compiled some calming scents that can help you unwind after a long day of work: 

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine

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3. Watch oddly satisfying videos (be careful not to binge watch!)

Do you find some videos online oddly satisfying and relaxing? We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of slime, soap cutting, and cleaning videos on the internet! And guess what, there’s a scientific explanation for our obsession with these videos.

The mood management theory suggests that different genres of media are implicitly associated with varying emotions. Therefore, social media users are drawn to media that can lengthen positive emotions (e.g. satisfaction) and help cope with negative emotions (e.g. stress). 

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4. Lay under a weighted blanket or vest 

A study has discovered that individuals who use weighted blankets have decreased body movements throughout their sleep. In addition, the participants of the study also reported that they feel much more comfortable and secure while sleeping with weighted blankets. 

In short, laying under a weighted blanket or vest brings about beneficial calming effects, which aid in stress relief and increase sleep quality. If you have difficulties getting quality sleep, consider giving weighted blankets a try!  

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5. Take a hot shower after intense physical activities

A hot shower widens our blood vessels and boosts blood circulation, thus transporting soreness-causing lactic acid away from our muscles. This helps to quickly soothe our stiff joints and tired muscles after intense physical activities. 

Other than relaxing our joints and muscles, a hot shower also possesses various health benefits, such as:

  • Improving brain health
  • Promoting learning and memory
  • Boosting cardiovascular health 

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6. Get a full body massage once a week

Massage therapy is no stranger to many Malaysians. It is effective in improving our mental health by reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, which often include headaches, muscle tension, and body aches. 

Besides, massage therapy is not solely for relaxation! In fact, it offers a wide range of health benefits, such as:

  • Enhancing exercise performance and preventing injuries
  • Reducing chronic pain 
  • Strengthening the immune system to fight off viruses

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However, driving all the way to massage centres after work or even on a weekend can be extremely tiring, especially if you’ve already had a long day or week at work. Besides, the post-MCO traffic also makes it impossible to drive anywhere during peak hours!

But don’t fret! If you’re in desperate need of weekly or even daily massage therapies without leaving your home, you can consider investing in a massage chair to relax and unwind whenever you want. It is also a safer option for those who are worried about the pandemic! 

Don’t have enough budget for a new massage chair? Don’t worry! We’ve found a promo that offers massage chair rental programs…

Yup, we’re talking about none other than the ITSU Syoook Sewa Everyone Can Rent Program offering quality massage chairs from only RM128 per month! 

ITSU Syoook Sewa Everyone Can Rent Program is the first-ever massage chair rental program in Malaysia. It allows us to rent ITSU massage chairs and own them at the end of our rental period, isn’t it super convenient?! 



Check out which massage chairs Everyone Can Rent

There’s no credit card required and you can enjoy FREE servicing if the massage chairs break down during the rental period. Better yet, ITSU will deliver your preferred massage chair right to your doorstep the very next day after your rental program begins!

Don’t just take it from us! Check out what Shila Amzah, the brand ambassador of ITSU, has to say about ITSU massage chairs and their premium services! 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Shila Amzah (@shahilaamzah)


Not sure which ITSU massage chair suits you best? Here are just some of the massage chairs Everyone Can Rent:

1. ITSU iClass

Meet the first-ever massage chair with shoulder massage functions! It provides users with gentle warming features around the body, as well as a zero-gravity mode for maximum relaxation. 

  • 24-Month Plan: RM278 per month
  • 36-Month Plan: RM198 per month
  • 48-Month Plan: RM158 per month
  • 60-Month Plan: RM128 per month

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2. ITSU Prime Iyashi 

Wanna customize your massage program? Pair this massage chair with the ITSU Smart Band and your health data will be synced to the massage chair through the ITSU World App! 

  • 24-Month Plan: RM398 per month
  • 36-Month Plan: RM278 per month
  • 48-Month Plan: RM228 per month
  • 60-Month Plan: RM198 per month

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3. ITSU Prime Fusion

This premium massage chair is equipped with the latest transition technology that provides an immediate switch between different massage modes! It comes with 26 specially designed auto massage programs and 16 air massage programs with six intensity levels

  • 24-Month Plan: RM528 per month
  • 36-Month Plan: RM368 per month
  • 48-Month Plan: RM298 per month
  • 60-Month Plan: RM258 per month

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4. ITSU Sensei Inspire

Featuring a streamlined aerodynamic and ergonomic seating design, this massage chair seeks to provide the ultimate professional massage experience. It offers hand, leg, and foot reflexology massage, roller massage for palms and soles, and more! 

  • 24-Month Plan: RM938 per month
  • 36-Month Plan: RM678 per month
  • 48-Month Plan: RM548 per month
  • 60-Month Plan: RM478 per month

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What are you waiting for? Sign up for ITSU Syoook Sewa Everyone Can Rent Program for more relaxing me-time after work!

For more information regarding the ITSU Syoook Sewa Everyone Can Rent Program, visit their website here. Don’t forget to follow them on: 

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