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Disturbing Facts About The World’s Youngest Serial Killer, Amarjeet Sada, a 7yo From India


Source: Medium & All India Roundup

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One of India’s youths breaks another world record, this time for something much more sinister. Did you know that it takes a minimum of 3 murders by 1 person for them to be deemed a serial killer?

Such is the case for 7 year old, Amarjeet Sada who has since gained notoriety as the world’s youngest serial killer. Do note that this article contains graphic content and details of bloody murder of minors so skip away if you don’t think you’re able to stomach it.

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With that, let us delve into chilling details of his crimes and the shocking revelations that unfolded during the investigation.


Fact 1: Early Signs of Deviance

Born in 1998 in Bihar, Amarjeet was raised in an extremely poor family. He was said to have been a quiet child that preferred to spend time alone. He rarely played with friends and was usually seen wandering around the village and climbing trees to pass time. Not particularly unusual activities or behavior for a young child, but no one was prepared for his disturbing acts that followed the demise of his early life.


Fact 2: The First Victim – His 6 Year Old Cousin

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In 2006, tragedy struck when Amarjeet’s aunt visited with her 6-year-old daughter. Left in charge of the children, Amarjeet’s deviant tendencies surfaced. He began by pinching and slapping his cousin before escalating to strangling her to death. He then brutally bashed her head in a nearby forest and buried her. Amarjeet was only 7 years of age when he first killed.


Fact 3: A Disturbing Confession

Story Of The Youngest Indian Serial Killer Amarjeet Sada Who Only Kills Infants 3

The family soon took notice of the disappearance of the little girl. Not long after, Amarjeet Sada confessed to murdering his own cousin. Despite how shocked some members of the family were, they decided to keep it under wraps as it was a family matter and did not report the crime. This was proven to be a serious mistake as young Amarjeet went on to kill again, with the murders not even a year apart.


Fact 4: The Second Victim – His Sister

Strangulation Image

Not long after the first murder, Amarjeet’s attention turned to his own sister. On a winter afternoon, he lifted her from her cot and strangled her to death. When his mother discovered the gruesome act, Amarjeet admitted to it, stating he did it “just like that”.

This time, the neighbors discovered the horrific story and suggested Amarjeet’s parents to turn him over to the police. But his parents made the same mistake and hid him, pleading with the neighbors not to tell the truth.


Fact 5: The Capture


In 2007, Amarjeet claimed his third and final victim – a six-month-old baby girl named Khushboo.

He was walking around the neighborhood school when he noticed an infant inside a baby stroller. Chunchun Devi, her mother, had needed to run some errands and had left her six-month-old baby, Khushboo, napping under a tree under the care of the school, thinking her daughter would be safe. Little did she know there was a child serial killer on the loose.

Amarjeet was seen carrying baby Khushboo by the neighbours and was later brought into questioning by the police.

The young 9 year old boy told the police that he had strangled and bludgeoned the young baby girl with a brick before burying her. He led them to the burial site without much resistance.


Fact 6: A Chilling Lack of Remorse

Irritate.gif Gif - Irritate Angry Police Gifs

Despite the heinous crimes he committed, Amarjeet always remained calm and composed when confronted by the police. His lack of fear or remorse stunned the officers.


Fact 7: The Diagnosis

Amarjeet Sada Seven Years Old 616808776

Psychologists who evaluated Amarjeet described him as a “sadist” who derived pleasure from causing harm to others. Diagnosed with a conduct disorder, he displayed alarming tendencies even at such a young age.


Fact 8: Juvenile Detention and Release

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As Amarjeet was a minor at the time of the murders, he was sent to a juvenile home and kept in isolation. After turning 18 in 2016, he was released under a new identity. His current whereabouts remain unknown, leaving society to wonder if he may resurface in the future.

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This true crime story is bone-chilling, and even more alarming that a child was capable of such heinous acts. Even more so alarming was the fact that all his victims were young girls, two of which were his own family members.

It’s a clear case of a young psychopath. If only his family members had spoken out sooner instead of hiding the murders that took place then maybe 2 or at least one other innocent life could’ve been spared the horrors of a violent death.

We wonder where Amarjeet Sada is today, roaming freely and said to have a new identity. What do you think of this gruesome case? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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May the victims rest in peace and their families continue to have strength to live their lives. And may Amarjeet Sada never cause harm to anyone physically ever again.



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