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“He’d starve for days” – Caltex Hires Homeless Man Who Lost His Job During MCO



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Get some tissues ready…

Recently, Caltex Bachang shared an inspiring story on their Facebook page that touched the hearts of many.

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, many people are facing financial struggles and are trying their best to make ends meet. Caltex got the attention of many when they shared how their Bachang branch hired a homeless man to be part of their Caltex family.

In their post,  they explained that a few weeks ago a stranger dropped by the office, seeking for a job.

Even though this man’s appearance was unkempt, they told the stranger that he can start coming in the following Monday onwards anyway.

Les Lee, the HR Manager at Caltex Bachang branch, was curious as the man seemed troubled. So, he approached him to make small talk.

“I asked him where he was going after this. He said that he was going to find the nearest bus stop to find a place to sleep on the chairs. Taken aback, I realized he was homeless.”

“I decided there and then that he should start work today instead. While finding a company shirt, we fed him because he looked so hungry,” Les explained in the post.

“During his basic training, I got to know him better. He was from east Malaysia, previously a lorry driver in KL for a few years and the company had to let him go because of the MCO. Later, he found a job as a waiter in a hawker stall. Eventually, he lost that job as well,” he added.

What the man shared with Les was heartbreaking. He took a chance to go to Melaka because that was all he could afford for a bus ticket. However, he had no luck and had to starve for days.

Les added, “The horror of losing everything is something most people cannot fully comprehend. What more, living from day to day not knowing whether you will be sleeping with an empty or full stomach in a cold bus stop.”

Many questioned why they were taking the risk of hiring a homeless person, adding that Mohd may have a hidden past that they should be cautious about. But Les explained in his post,

“We are aware of the risks, but we are taking a chance on him as he needed help and the best way to help a man or woman is to give them the dignity of work.”


Les Lee even helped pay for his rent in advance

In an interview with WORLD OF BUZZ, Les Lee provided us with more information on Mohd and his current situation.

“Mohd is 40-years-old and is a Murut (a native tribe in Sabah). He was formerly a lorry driver. Both of his parents have passed away and his two younger brothers are both married, one in Sabah and the other in Sarawak,” Les told us.

“Mohd is currently staying in a rented room we found nearby the gas station. Since car wash is now closed due to MCO, we have offered him to come on rotation as a pump attendant, paid by daily wages,” Mr Les added on.

Mohd with his new mattress

Les explained that he took the initiative to help get things sorted for Mohd as well as providing him with a few personal items.

“I paid for his rent and deposit as an advance loan for him. And he takes a pay cut from his daily wage,” said Les.

He also explains that Mohd needs help in paying his rent, which is RM400.

“He only gets to work two or three times a day. His rent is due soon,” Mr Les said.

For those of you who would like to help Mohd, you can contact Les Lee at 012 – 657 1741.

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