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8 Things Malaysians Should Really Stop Doing Right Now



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We are all humans right? Some are weirder than the other. While some things people do are still tolerable, sure I can have one eye closed, some are just down right outrageous, making you question everything you knew in life.

Here are some of the 12 things Malaysians should really stop doing.

1. Gym selfies

We understand if you want to check your progress of your workout, but to post one almost every day? That’s just vain man.


2. Taking pics with images of your friends who aren’t there


I’m not sure who came up with the idea but the sight of it makes me cringe. Either these people pose with an image of their friend they find on Facebook, or edit them in in their picture afterwards. I get it’s a tease for their friends not being at the event, but it isn’t funny. If anything, it’s creepy.


3. Jaywalking.. really slowly

You’re not Malaysian if you’ve never jaywalked. Most people are guilty of jaywalking, because ain’t no body got time finding a zebra crossing nor overhead bridge.

I mean, hey kids, don’t jaywalk! It’s not good for you!

Anyway with that said, it’s only courteous when you’re being dangerous, to cross that God damn road quickly. People who take their own sweet time when they see an oncoming car deserves a special place in hell.


4. Overreacting when someone don’t know a movie/tv series/music


Yeah I get it was a supposedly a good show that almost everybody watched, but get off my back! I was too busy living life. Actually I was being a nerd and doing my homework *sobs*.

But still.. Expecting someone to know what ever you’ve watched is annoying. I mean, no one is living in your shoes for Christ sake.


5. Couples sharing too much info on social media

Whether their all lovey dovey and posting PDA posts on each other walls, or sending out emo statuses when they are in bad terms, these “online” couples really should keep their love life to themselves.

You know what’s worse? When you’re being a caring friend and ask them if they are ok and they replY, “How did you know??”



6. Posting selfies with captions that does not relate


Somehow, selfies with deep meaningful quotes or some else totally irrelevant are a thing. People be posting a picture of their face when they are talking about the expanding universe. Cheesus crust I need a break.


7. Bitchin’ about not having enough time to finish your mountains of work

when I see you on social media all day or partying it up at the club.


8. People who comment “bojio”

It’s fine if you legitimately felt left out when you wanted to join, but people who comment “bojio” but give A TON of excuses when they actually ‘jio’ you needs a tight slap across the face.

“Wah far expensive la”, “eh no car today” etc

If you don’t want me to ‘jio’ then don’t even say ‘bojio’ in the first place!

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