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7 Sinfully Delicious Junk Food



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Junk food: everyone’s guilty pleasure. What would make your guilty pleasure even more sinful? Pimping them up into delicious heavenly treats!


1) Deep Fried Mars Bars

mars bars fried

This dish originated in Scotland as a novelty item in the mid 90s and have since gained international recognition. It has since spawned different variations across the world – deep fried Snickers (US), Bounty Bars, Kit Kats.


2) Pizza Cake

pizza cake

No, you haven’t just die and went to heaven, this pizza cake is very real and you can learn how to make one yourself! It also makes the perfect great birthday cake for anyone. Cause let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like pizza?

heavy breathing.


3) Smoreos


A creatively combined word for ‘smores’ and ‘oreos’, this treat melt marshmellows and chocolates between Oreos to create the perfect combo. The overflowing melted chocolate along with oozing marshmellows are pleasing for both the eyes and tastebuds.


4) Deep Fried Beer


Unlike the previous item, the main ingredient in this snack (beer) remains a liquid. This is achieved by enclosing the good stuff inside a ravioli style pocket before deep frying (remember the McD’s apple pie? Similar concept).

Going off on a tangent here, there is another dish that incorporates a liquid in a ‘pocket’ – xiao long baos or soup filled dumplings. Do you get where I’m going with this? Beer xia long baos!



5) Deep Fried Coke

deep fried coke

Yet another way of deep frying your favorite drink! This one entails mixing the coca-cola (or Pepsi if you prefer) and flour making it into a batter for frying.



6) Deep Fried Cheesecake


Love your desserts but think an oreo cheesecake is just not sinful enough? Fear not! Here’s how you step up your dessert game.



7) Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice Latte


(image from www.ohbiteit.com)

What? Really? Yes. It seems mind boggling at first, but what we have here is actually a cake soaked in latte and then fried before topping off with cinnamon and sugar. We don’t have to tell you that whipped cream will make a perfect dip


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