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16 Things Only Malaysians With Siblings Would Understand



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Sibling relationship is a complex one. Like any other family member, it’s a love hate relationship that was developed since young that usually falls out once you’ve grown up. Having them is tough, but hey, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are 16 things only siblings will understand.


1. Sibling rivalry started since day one


2. Sharing is caring.

Or at least, only when mom is around.


3. You know their deepest darkest secret..

The bantal busuk!


4. When friends/relatives came over when you were younger, you and your siblings quickly hid your ‘bantal busuks’ or die of embarrassment.


5. No matter how mature they’ve grown, you’d always bring up their younger embarrassing moments to tease them.


6. When you guys fight in your younger days, the number one attack move is always ‘biting’


7. You guys are just weird around each other


8. The blame game is strong

..and it’s usually the younger sibling who take the fall.



9. When you and your sibling got in trouble with mom..


10. No one talks smack about them

Hey, I know they are a pain in the ass but they are my pain in the ass. Talk bad about them one more time, then you’d better face the consequences.

movie animated GIF


11. Siblings of the same gender = more clothes to wear


12. When they accidentally broke something that belongs to you


13. They are your best friends during adult gatherings

Whether it’s relatives you don’t really meet, or your parent’s gathering with their friends you’re obligated to go (else you won’t have any dinner), your siblings are your only source of entertainment where you talk almost everything about.

The other kids there? Not cool enough.


14. It’s an endless competition at who’s better at some thing


15. Especially in multiplayer games


16. Despite everything, they’re the ones who got your back

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