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Woman Involved In Tragic Johor Accident That Killed 8 Teens Remains Free, M’sians Divided On The Verdict


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Source: Utusan & VOICE | Facebook

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Johor Woman Who Accidentally Killed 8 Teen Cyclists in 2017 Remains Free, M’sians Are Divided On The Verdict

The Magistrate’s Court has upheld the decision for a saleswoman to be acquitted and freed of reckless driving charges that resulted in the deaths of eight teenagers riding basikal lajaks or ‘mosquito bikes’, four years ago.

Based on a report by Utusan, the decision was made yesterday (10 October) by Magistrate Siti Hajar Ali, who read out the decision of the case at the end of the session after the accused was ordered to defend herself by the High Court last February.

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The accused, 26-year-old Sam Ke Ting, was previously released and acquitted by the Magistrate’s Court without being called to defend herself as the prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case at the end of the prosecution.

Siti Hajar, who made the decision earlier, once again ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove reasonable doubts against the accused at the end of the defence case, as well as the evidence provided by the accused while defending herself was reasonable and not mere denial or fabrication.

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While many believed that the saleswoman was not in the wrong, based on the facts of the case, mainly it being that…

  • Investigations showed the young lady was NOT intoxicated, playing on her phone, nor on drugs.
  • The accident took place at a dark hilly road, her sight was obstructed by multiple corners, making her unable to predict the teenagers’ presence.
  • The dangerous situation was created by the teenagers themselves at 3am that day.

…hence taking to social media to defend her, while blaming the parents of the cyclists for allowing them to be out at 3am, racing their bikes:

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This comment goes, “Indeed necessary to be released, she wasn’t drunk or driving against traffic. These kids were at fault for riding their mosquito bikes so late at night. Their parents should be held responsible for giving them so much freedom.”

Lajak 6

This comment reads, “I support her. Why are minors on a highway at 3am? Should sue the parents who are negligent with caring for their kids.”

Lajak 7

This comment says, “I’m happy for her. Even if it wasn’t her driving, others would have run those kids over. Cycling on the road in the middle of the night? Where are their parents?”


Though, despite the facts, many weren’t exactly happy that the saleswoman was once again acquitted of the charges and freed.

Lajak 8

This comment goes, “Amoi (referring to the saleswoman) imagine if eight of your family members get killed in an accident and the court releases the person who hit them if it was your family how would you feel?”

Lajak 12

This comment reads, “She hit other road users who have rights on the road. Eight people died and she’s freed just like that. Justice for the families of the deceased.”

Lajak 13

This comment says, “Already know who she is, hit her with a garbage truck.”

While it is fine to have opinions on the matter, all the facts should be reviewed and taken into consideration.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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