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WATCH: Woman Adamantly “Human Parks” Despite a Car Reversing into Her & Honking Continuously


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If you have been to a mall or any other crowded buildings in Malaysia, chances are that you know of the struggle of finding a parking spot.

Tailing people from the mall entrance to their cars as well as ‘human parking’ to help reserve or ‘chop’ the space are some common examples that some Malaysians use to find parking.

One lady however, might have taken it too far.

In a viral TikTok video that seemed to have been taken by a car’s reverse camera, a lady was seen being very adamant about getting the parking spot she was standing on.

Image From Ios


She refused to move even as the car was reversing into the parking spot. As the car reversed, the lady can be seen tapping the car boot twice to stop the car.

Then, she pointed to her right and made a wagging gesture with her hands, suggesting that the car leave and look for another parking spot.

At this point, the honking by the car becomes long and persistent. Yet, the lady remain seemingly nonchalant, pointing again to the right to indicate that the car should look for a parking spot elsewhere.


Report the incident to the cops!

Since having been posted, the video has garnered 1.7 million views as of time of writing. Most of the comments were asking the driver to report the incident to the police so that the lady can be fined.

According to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), such a move is irresponsible and is deemed an offence under Section 50(3) of the Road Transport Act 1987.



A violation of the offence can incur a fine of up to RM2000 or 6 months’ jail time.

While some users are suggesting that the driver continue reversing their car to pressure the lady to move. 

“You go forwards a bit and then reverse quickly,” suggested one user.

Reverse Comment Censored


Watch the full video below:


mana boleh akak cop parking

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Have you experienced any other foul parking practices? What did you do? Let us know in the comments!


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Source: TikTok

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