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WATCH: Hotel in Pulau Pangkor Which Opens Up To a Duty Free Chocolate Haven Divides M’sians


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Source: TikTok & Agoda

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Are you a beachfront, nature resort kind of person or are you a smack in the middle of the city kind of person? If you are neither, then this hotel is perfect for you!

A Malaysian recently shared a video of his experience at a hotel in Pulau Pangkor, Perak on his TikTok account.

In the video, he shared how the hotel he was staying at was not normal because of its location and nearby attraction. Instead of a beach or a pool, hotel guests are greeted by rows and rows of what appears to be a variety of chocolate when they open their room doors. 



“Normally, when we open the hotel room door, we see a pool or a beach. But this hotel is not normal, open the door and you’ll see,” said the man.

It seems like these chocolates along with the other items on sale are duty free. With bargains galore, this is truly a haven for chocolate lovers!


Some Malaysians loved the idea!

Excited about this unusual hotel, many netizens asked for the hotel’s name and just as many have been happy to share. Based on the replies, it seems to be the Coral Bay Resort Pangkor. 

Hotel Name 1

Hotel Name 2


“Coral bay resort. Every time I go to Pangkor, I’ll just come here. I always came here even before the chocolate shop was open… best…now that the shop is open, it’s even better because there’s no need to go far,” shared a user.

Coral Bay 1


Some were less than impressed

However, there were also a handful of netizens who were not impressed. They felt that having a mall or shop near the hotel is nothing to be too excited about because it beats the purpose of going on holiday on an island.

X Best


“Might as well go to KL.”



Some netizens pointed out that the chocolates sold there are expensive.


One netizen even said that the hotel is actually no stranger to ghost stories, to which other netizens replied with jokes saying that it is true because they would lose their money (to buying chocolates!) there or bring home more things than they brought there.

“It’s true, I’m creeped out. Whenever I go there, I don’t know where my money goes to.”



“It is creepy. I come bringing just my clothes, but when it’s time to go home, I bring back all sorts of things besides my clothes,” said another.

Creepy 1


Watch the video below:


Biasa nya buka pintu bilik nampak kolam @ pantai , hotel ni bukan biasa2 , buka2 nampak ??? #pulaupangkor2022?️? #pulaupangkor #feri #lumut #holiday #pulaupangkorperak #shopping

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Have you ever seen hotels with a similar concept? Tell us about the most unusual and fun hotels you’ve been too!


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