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“Wash with water not safe meh?” 5 Common Mistakes M’sians Make When Treating Wounds


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Whether it’s getting burnt by hot water *shivers* or receiving unexpected paper cuts *shivers intensifies!*, we’re no strangers to minor wounds that we usually shrug off and let them “heal naturally” after rinsing with tap water. But, no matter how minor they are, did you know neglecting them is actually a BAD idea? 👀

Here are some of the most common mistakes we make when treating wounds, and what we should do instead!


1. “Wash with tap water enough lah!

Hansaplast Tap Water

Though our tap water has been properly cleaned, sterilised and filtered, there’s still a degree of contamination in tap water that we won’t be able to detect – which is why washing wounds with water could expose them to bacteria and result in infection!

Ideally, it’s recommended to use solutions that are specially formulated for painless wound cleansing. Not only will you be able to clean fresh wounds by properly removing any dirt and bacteria in and around the wound, but you also won’t have to tahan any painful stinging.


2. “So small wound, no need plaster lah!”

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Did your mum or aunt tell you to let your wound “breathe” so it heals faster? Alas, that memang isn’t the case – leaving our wounds uncovered actually exposes them to bacteria and dirt, leading to infections and slowing down recovery. 😳 Thus, plasters protect the wound from external contaminants, such as water, dirt and bacteria, as well as cushion the sensitive wound tissue from physical contact. It’s essential to prevent reopening the wound and support the healing process until your damaged skin is no more~

So, keep your wounds protected with plasters until they’re 100% healed, and change plasters at least once a day for good hygiene.


3. Using hydrogen peroxide & rubbing alcohol

Hansaplast Hydrogen

These two used to be the most common solutions (pun intended) to disinfect wounds, but that’s in the past now. Granted they are great in removing bad bacteria, but they’re actually quite harsh on the surrounding tissue of the wound (resulting in slower recovery) and are more likely to irritate your skin than other alternatives.

Instead, opt for a skin-friendly antiseptic wound cleansing solution that removes dirt and bacteria while being gentle on the skin!


4. Soothing minor burns with toothpaste

Hansaplast Toothpaste Real

Everyone and their grandparents swear by this unorthodox home remedy, but we’re here to bust that myth! In reality, it increases the risk of infection by retaining the heat and bad bacteria in your burn, due to the sodium fluoride or baking soda found in most kinds of toothpaste.

Instead, opt for ointments that are specially formulated to support the healing process of minor burns!


5. Picking out scabs because they’re so ANNOYING!

That dried-up skin patch is BEGGING us to peel it off, but we implore you to resist that temptation – it’s there for good reasons! The skin beneath is actually still being repaired, so the scab shields your wound from bacteria, not to mention that the bottom of the scab contains white blood cells to eliminate germs. Plus, if you keep peeling off scabs, you might actually cause scarring that’s NEVER going to go away! 😱


Wah, who knew treating wounds got so many things to consider!”

It can feel like A LOT remembering all this info (we can empathise 😝). Fortunately, you won’t need to seek out all of these individually to round up your first aid kit, because Hansaplast has ALL your wound treatment needs covered!

Cleanse, protect & heal your wounds in 3 easy steps, with Hansaplast Wound Spray, Hansaplast plasters, and Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment!

Hansaplast Kv

This Hansaplast wound care trio is the only first aid combo you need to treat any minor wounds that you or your loved ones may have in the future, ensuring wounds are properly cleansed and protected to prevent infections and heal faster~

Here’s what your new and improved wound care routine will look like with Hansaplast:


a) Hansaplast Wound Spray: Clean and rid your wound of dirt and bacteria

Hansaplast Forward Hp Motif Application Spray Rgb 2

This easy-to-use spray is perfect for antiseptic cleansing of minor wounds, including cuts, abrasions, first and minor second-degree burns as well as open blisters.

  • Alcohol-free: Pain-free gentle wound cleaning, prevents skin dryness
  • Colourless solution: For stain-free clothes
  • Skin-friendly and suitable for children
  • Comes in a handy spray bottle that can be brought anywhere


b) Hansaplast plasters: Shields wound from up to 99% of bacteria

Hansaplast Hansaplast Plasters

Hansaplast plasters have been tested to block up to 99% of dirt and bacteria* from entering the wound so that your body’s natural healing mechanisms can do their work unhindered! They’re breathable, durable and come in a wide array of designs and sizes, such as the 100% waterproof Aqua Protect Plaster, Extra Tough Plaster  (perfect for sports!), and kid-friendly Sensitive Kids Plaster!

 *Hansaplast plasters protect against dirt & bacteria.

Hansaplast Plasters


c) Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment: Heal your wounds 2x faster**

Hansaplast Forward Hp Motif Application Ointment Rgb 1

Hansaplast’s ointment supports and speeds up the natural healing of minor superficial wounds, and can be used at any stage of the healing process on open wounds and damaged skin!

  • Creates a breathable film that protects the wound from external influences, for up to 2x faster wound healing.**
  • Retains a moist healing environment to prevent skin drying and reduce scarring risk.
  • Extra skin-friendly: Dermatologically-tested gentle formula, suitable for babies, children and those with sensitive skin.
  • Free of colourants, fragrances, preservatives and animal-derived substances.

**Compared to an untreated wound.


Finally! Now I know what to get for my first aid kit!

Want to have a complete wound treatment kit at home? Jom and get Hansaplast’s products at Guardian, Watsons, Caring and other leading independent pharmacies, or Hansaplast’s official store on Shopee for e-shoppers!

For more info on Hansaplast’s products, you can also check out their website!

No. Kelulusan Iklan: MDAMD 0025/2023


Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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