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“This is Singapore, not INDIA” – Viral ‘British English’ SG Man Returns, This Time Argues With Malaysians!


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Source: SgfollowsAll | Instagram

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Back in 2017, a Singaporean uncle had gone viral for his rude and obnoxious behaviour towards a stranger at an ATM in Singapore. The stranger, a Mak Cik who was using the ATM while the uncle was waiting behind her, became a victim of his impatience as he berated her in a thick British accent (his version of it, at least).

Now, 7 years after the incident, it appears that the uncle is back at it again!

The tiagongsg_ TikTok page recently showcased a video of the same uncle, this time at an MRT station in Singapore, where he could be heard telling someone that “This is Singapore, NOT India“; once again with a thick British accent.

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tiagonsg_ wrote, “Tiagong Mr. British English is back, this time with ‘This is Singapore, not India’.”


In the video, the uncle could be seen waiting in line to board the train at an MRT station in Singapore

He then told someone (who was out of the frame of the camera) that “This is Singapore, NOT India.”

A woman laughed in response and mockingly said, “This is not China, uncle. This is Singapore. Go back to China.” Yeap, because fighting racism with racism works SO well.

“Oh, really? Go home. Go home and don’t come back until you’ve learnt some manners,” he said.


It turns out that the uncle was arguing with a Malaysian family! 

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The SgfollowsAll Instagram page shared some details into this altercation as shared by the witness who filmed the incident.

“One side of the story – the Indian family was blocking the guy as they were standing on both sides of the escalator. The Chinese guy told them to stand on the left loudly and said they had no manners. After that, the Indian family told him while he was walking down that he also has no manners.”

“A bit later, when they were waiting for the train, they still kept arguing for, like, a couple of minutes. But, the Chinese guy kept making comments in the train,” they shared.


They also included an extended version of the video, where the argument continued as the family told him they are not from India.

Singapore 3

“Oh, really? Pakistan, Iran?” the uncle asked, to which a man from the family responded, “We’re Malaysians”.

“Your Prime Minister (inaudible) from Malaysia,” the woman added.

“Sh*t. Malaysians know how to behave, you don’t. Stupid cow,” the uncle then said before boarding the train.


You can check out the video here


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What do you think of the uncle’s outburst? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: SgfollowsAll
Source: SgfollowsAll
Source: SgfollowsAll

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