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Video: Terengganu Man Tries to Steal Motorbike While Only Wearing His Boxers


Video: Terengganu Guy In Underwear Put Up - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook

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Do you know that there is a study out there dedicated to investigating why genius people do the weirdest things? Well, we assure you that this time it’s not intellect, it’s meth.

A video went viral recently on Facebook, posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS, showing a man wearing nothing else but a pair of boxers while attempting to steal a motorcycle in front of a bank in Bandar Chukai, Kemaman. #breezy


Luckily the attempt failed as he was wrestled to the ground and successfully captured by four men at around 2.30pm yesterday (31st October) before they submitted him to the police that evening.

According to Sinar Harian, the 20-year-old man lives in Kampung Paya Berenjut.

FAKTA SEBENAR KES LELAKI MENGAMUK DI HADAPAN AFFIN.Pada 31/10/2019 jam l/kurang 1430 hrs di Affin Bank Bandar Chukai Kemaman telah datang seorang lelaki tidak dikenali, hanya memakai seluar dalam telah masuk kedalam bank dan mengganggu orang awam yang hendak mengeluarkan duit di mesin ATM. Orang awam tersebut telah memberitahu pengawal keselamatan dan pengawal keselamatan terus meminta lelaki tersebut untuk keluar dan jangan mengganggu orang. Kemudian lelaki tersebut telah keluar pergi ke m/sikal milik pengawal keselamatan dan ingin membawa m/sikal milik pengawal keselamatan yang berkunci. pengawal keselamatan melarang tetapi lelaki tersebut memberitahu bahawa m/sikal tersebut miliknya. Telah berlaku pergelutan antara pengawal keselamatan dan lelaki tersebut dan ada beberapa orang awam telah membantunya. Pihak bank telah menghubungi polis dan telah serahkan lelaki tersebut kepada pihak polis untuk tindakan.Tujuan membuat repot adalah untuk rujukan pihak bank.Bertempat di pejabat Narkotik IPD kemaman telah di jalankan ujian saringan awal polis ke atas air kencing ke atas lelaki tersebut dapati positif dadah jenis ‘Methampitamine’. Hasil siasatan mendapati saspek tidak mempunyai sebarang rekod perubatan sakit mental dan tindakan saspek untuk membawa m/sikal pengadu adalah kerana menyangka m/sikal tersebut adalah miliknya. Saspek mengaku mengambil dadah pada malam sebelumnya di Kuantan dan disyaki suspek berada dalam keadaan khayal.Sekian untuk makluman.#Inforoadblock

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Thursday, October 31, 2019

The young man had appeared out of nowhere that evening, already semi-nude, and nonchalantly walked into the bank to disturb visitors around the ATM section. Getting uncomfortable, the public called the guard on duty to chase him away. Which the guard did, but then the young man reacted by attempting to steal the guard’s locked motorcycle.

The Kemaman District Police chief, Superintendant Hanyan Ramlan said,

“Shocked by the suspect’s nonchalant attitude, the security guard immediately pulled his motorcycle back but the suspect insisted that it was his,”

However, thanks to the public’s quick action, the young man was successfully apprehended and submitted to a car patrol unit (MPV)

“Results from his urine test showed that he was positive on the stimulant drug methamphetamine.”

“The suspect was believed to act as such because he was under the drug’s influence, and he is now remanded for further investigations following under Section 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drug Act 1952,” he added.

Investigations also confirmed that he has no records of mental illness. The suspect later admitted that he took drugs the night before in Kuantan, and was allegedly stoned during the event.

Though everything ended on a positive note, the netizen claimed that it could’ve been handled better.

“Hope the #PIKM could teach security guards to utilize the rope attached to their whistle or from their lanyard fully. Did you know that the ‘ropes’ on his shoulder is strong enough to be used as a cuff?”


Source: facebook

At least he was sane enough to cover up his privates? However, we are glad that the public was ready to lend a hand to the security guard. Obviously the drug made the suspect stronger, so this is really not a one man job.


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