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Value Your Relationship? Then M’sians Should Ask Their Partners These 5 Awkward But Insightful Questions!


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Love is in the air this February, and there’s no better time to bond with your SO than during Valentine’s month, kan? So why not promote good communication between you and your partner with a few questions to deepen your connection? Mutual understanding is fundamental to any relationship as it implores both partners to open up to each other and strengthen their romantic bond!

That being said, some of these topics can be awkward or uncomfortable to discuss, but that doesn’t lessen the necessity of asking them. So when you do ask them, keep an open heart, leave your judgments at the door and most importantly, listen to understand!

So without further ado, here are some insightful questions to talk through with your partner!


1. “What would be the deal breaker in this relationship?”

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We’ll start off with a toughie, but it’s an important matter as it gives both of you appropriate space to share thoughts that you might be afraid to bring up otherwise! Plus, relationships end for reasons unrelated to toxicity all the time, so the answers to this question might not be obvious to either of you. Perhaps one of you would like to enjoy more freedom in the relationship or one of you would like the other to share the same vision for the future. Once you’ve had a good discussion on this, it’ll make for a good base to find a compromise with your SO!


2. “Are you still talking to your ex(es)?”

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If your partner is still friends with their ex-partner, you may have some concerns that aren’t totally unfounded! If you’re uncomfortable about your partner staying in touch with their ex, try to open up about your hangups and discuss setting boundaries with them. It would also help to acknowledge if there are circumstances that require the ex to be in the picture. For example, they may be employed in the same workplace or they have a child from their previous relationship.

So ultimately, understanding and communication are as crucial here as they are in the next question!


3. “Which habits of ours annoy each other the most?”

Annoyed Woman Covering Her Ears With Pillows Block Out Snoring Bedroom

We all have our unpleasant proclivities; some of which won’t instantly go away just because we’re no longer single. But it’s important to understand that these habits are part of the differences, quirks and flaws each partner brings into a relationship. So as always, talk it out with your partner, explain the effect of these habits and try to put yourselves in each other’s shoes. Once you’ve come to a consensus, make changes where it’s necessary, as even the smallest ones can make a big difference for both of you!


4. “How do you feel about our finances?”

Young Stressed Asian Couple Managing Finances Reviewing Their Bank Accounts Using Laptop Computer

Here is a concerning statistic: 77% of millennials have cited finances as a bigger cause of stress in a relationship than sex (but more on that later)! Money talk is probably the least sexy thing to do with your partner but it’s definitely needed. Plus, you’ll be surprised by how coming clean about finances can improve your relationship! When you discuss money, you’ll be able to learn about each other’s values, strengths and eventually, how honest they are about their spending and earnings!


5. “What would you like to see more of from me, that turns you on?”

Sweet Couple Playing Blanket Bed

Now, here’s another un-sexy statistic: according to a survey by Durex Malaysia, 40% of Malaysian youths are having sex even though it is not pleasurable! A large part of this is because many couples don’t really discuss sex with each other, which is unfortunate as a healthy sex life can make way for an even healthier relationship! So to get the ball rolling, why not start by asking about their turn-ons? The possibilities are endless in making your partner more physically attracted to you and needless to say, they’ll appreciate the gesture of you wanting to do what your partner likes!

But before we go further into exploring intimacy preferences, let’s drive home the importance of this through Durex Malaysia’s alarming sex-tistics from their Sexual Health and Intimate Wellness Survey in 2022:

  • 48% of Malaysian youths are turning to pornography to learn about sex
  • 1 in 3 believe that sex shown in pornography is normal sex
  • Almost 40% believe the myth that STIs are only transmitted through penetrative sex
  • 92% of Malaysians desire more intimate moments

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These sex-tistics contribute to a form of inequality among couples in the bedroom, which is hilariously illustrated in the video by Durex below:

We understand that discussing intimacy with your partner can be a bit daunting. But luckily for us, Malaysia’s most reliable safe sex expert, Durex is here to save Valentine’s Day!

Wanna keep the excitement in your relationship alive this Valentine’s Day? Then #ComeTogether using the Durex Exploration Kit to Turn On Your Romance!

This V-Day, Durex is imploring Malaysians to get to know more about their partners by promoting openness regarding their intimacy preferences! “But why stop at Valentine’s?”, Durex asks, as they believe that building sexual tension and deepening intimacy is something you should try to do all year!

That’s where their nifty Durex Exploration Kit comes in! To help spice up intimacy with your partner, this Exploration Kit comes ready with items to turn up the heat in the bedroom while keeping you protected all the way! 

Pizza Box Mockups Copy 1

From playlists and recipes to attire and hot hobbies – this Kit has everything you need to explore your turn-ons this Valentine’s! Oh, and did we mention that there is a variety of Durex favourite products for safe sex?

We’ve talked to couples who have used this kit, and they’ve found that it made a good base to discover each other’s sexual desires, openly discuss their expectations in the bedroom and overall, helped them to have fun in each other’s company! They highly recommend it for couples looking to revitalise their love lives!

And to top it all off, Durex is also holding a contest where you can ‘Spend, Share & Win’ yourself and your partner prizes from Durex! From now until 14 March 2023, here’s how you can join:

  1.  Spend a minimum of RM30 in a single receipt on any Durex products.
  2.  Share your intimacy tips with Durex.
  3.  Submit your details (name, IC number, receipt, tips) via WhatsApp to 011-5430 5382.

Once you’re done, you will stand a chance to be one of 10 weekly winners to bring home prizes worth up to RM500 courtesy of Durex! 

For the month of love, #ComeTogether with Durex Malaysia to achieve greater intimacy and pleasure safely! To get more information on the Durex Exploration Kit and all things Durex, visit their website or follow their social media pages:

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