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Upset GF Breaks Up With BF After He Refused to Play a Kissing Game With Her to Win Free BBQ Meat


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Source: Pexels & Pexels

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One of the easiest ways to get customers to engage with your business would be to offer freebies. Just recently, a BBQ joint in Taiwan has come up with an activity whereby if a couple kisses for 10 seconds, they will be entitled for a free plate of meat.

A man from Taiwan expressed in Dcard that it was his anniversary with his girlfriend, and they’ve decided to have BBQ for dinner. While having dinner, the waiter then came up and told them that they’re having a promotion.

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“Being the introvert that I am I know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable displaying public affection, but my girlfriend is very outgoing, and I know she’d want to participate. So, before she could say anything, I quickly told the waiter no”, he said.

He then mentioned that after the waiter left the table, his girlfriend began begging him and told him,

“It’s just this time and I promise I’d listen to whatever you say after this.”


He expressed that he was feeling a little impatient and annoyed with her, so he told her,

“Stop forcing me to participate in activities like these, you know I’m uncomfortable with this and I’m pretty sure the tables around us would laugh at us! It’s embarrassing for me!”

After saying that, he mentioned that his girlfriend stopped bugging him to participate in that activity and continued eating as if nothing happened. After he sent her home, he received a text from her saying that she wants to break up.

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In the screenshot he posted, his girlfriend said,

“To me, you’re like a huge tree, you give me a lot of comfort and I love that I can always depend on you. I like being with you and would always make you do things you don’t want to do with me. But I failed to realise that because you’re like a tree, you would love to be grounded and it’s not right to ask you to move about just for me.”

She continued saying that she thinks she was being a bit too unreasonable at the BBQ restaurant and apologised to him. Then, she popped the question asking if they could remain as friends instead.


When he received the messaged, he mentioned that he felt shocked and was hoping that netizens would give him some advice on what to do and if the relationship can be salvaged.

Many netizens offered their advice and here’s what some of them said:

“If you know that you’re shy and you can’t do it, why did you promise her that you’d participate in activities with her? On top of that, you’d say something so hurtful to her. I’m not saying that the girl is right but it’s clear that you’re not suitable for each other. Breaking up may be a good move if you’re not going to be considerate towards each other.”

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“If you can’t do it then you shouldn’t promise her. You promised her but you didn’t fulfill your promise and still got mad at her. Maybe it’s best if you break up, then your partner can find another guy to have BBQ meat with and you can continue to care about your ego.”

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“I think she’d rather have someone go through the rain with her than holding up an umbrella for her.”

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It’s definitely important to communicate with your partner about your boundaries and not overstep each other. What would you do if you were in his position? Let us know in the comments below. 


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Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels
Source: Dcard
Source: Dcard
Source: Dcard
Source: Dcard

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