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“My shoes aren’t dirty” Rude Train Passenger in China Defends Resting Her Feet on Occupied Front Chair


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Source: Weibo

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It’s sad to see how some people, regardless of where they are, still lack common sense. In this case, other train passengers in China had to experience a temporary inconvenience when another passenger make herself too comfortable.

It’s every train service’s priority to make its users as comfortable as possible, but what happens when one’s comfort ends up being the discomfort of others? In Shenzhen, China, a female passenger found comfort when she comfortably rested her feet on the front seat. Despite knowing that the front seat is occupied, the passenger ignored it and she had her own reasons.

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Fortunately, the auxiliary police quickly came and interfered in the matter, but that did not sit well with the female passenger. When asked to put down her feet, she defended her actions by saying,

“My shoes are not even dirty!”

She even took off one of her shoes, revealing her sock just to prove a point.

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The officer assisted the affected passengers at the front to change their seats, and the female passenger who was initially too comfortable eventually descended the train at the next stop.

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“That’s just not classy of her”

This certainly reminds us of how some cinema patrons find comfort in the theatre hall by resting their feet on the front seat. Regardless, the video, which was shared on Chinese social media Weibo gained the attention of many netizens, who expressed disgust towards the woman’s action.

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“The front passengers should’ve taken off their shoes and put in on her face, and then tell her the shoes are clean.”

“Her actions are so annoying.”

“The way she does things are so irritating.”

“Her eyes grow under the feet and her brains are left in the toilet.”

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“That is so immoral of the woman.”

“She is plain rude.”

“The woman is not classy at all.:

Your safety and comfort are truly important during a journey, but not when they cause trouble or discomfort to others. What will you do if you find yourself in this situation? Will you turn back and tell the passenger about it?


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Source: Weibo
Source: Weibo
Source: Weibo

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