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Tradition Meets Tech: M’sians Share 5 Ways They Improvise CNY Customs Using Gadgets


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Source: freepik & LazarCatt

Tradition and modernisation have long been perceived as opposites and incompatible. However, while celebrating CNY, many Malaysians have come to realise the other side of the coin!

Instead of causing the loss of cultures, many Malaysians propose that technology can help improvise CNY traditions. Let’s find out what these Malaysians have to share!


1. Spring cleaning made easier

“My dad used to spend hours brushing the outdoor tiles on our porch. After I bought him a high-pressure water jet, it took him merely half an hour to get rid of all the stubborn stains and mould!” —Jason, 28

High-efficiency household appliances can tremendously ease our tedious spring cleaning! From electric floor cleaners to dishwashers and multipurpose vacuum cleaners, these electronics allow us to spring clean faster, thus saving energy and lowering electricity bills.   

Pexels Kindel Media 8566451


2. Traditional games made digital

“I accidentally left my Chinese chess set at home when I balik kampung. Luckily, I found free Chinese chess games online, so my cousins and I could still have our yearly battle!” —Kathy, 24

Playing traditional games makes an integral part of CNY celebrations. Unfortunately, unlike shuttlecock and Chinese yo-yo, some games are too troublesome to be transported—think mahjong set and table! Digitalised games save us the hassle of bringing along physical games, especially when we balik kampung via public transport.  

Games 5265093 640


3. E-ang pows save mother earth 

“Since I started giving e-ang pows, I have more budget to spend on gifts as there’s no need to buy red packets. It makes my day knowing that I’m saving mother earth too!” —Chong, 29

Every CNY, a huge stack of red packets end up in the recycle bin after a single use—such a waste of resources! Giving e-ang pows reduces paper usage and preserves the environment without overturning the tradition of sending best wishes and good luck. 

Pexels Angela Roma 7364047


4. Delivery services buy more time

“Hosting the reunion dinner every year, I spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen instead of catching up with my family. Now that I order CNY dishes online, I have fewer chores and more family bonding time!” — Siew Fong, 30

When distant relatives and friends are brought together, no one wants to spend precious bonding time on chores! Be it CNY shopping or food preparation, make use of delivery services so that you have more time to celebrate the true meaning of CNY.

Asian Family Eating Together 23 2149503143


5. Air purifiers protect our health

“Smoke from firecrackers and incense sticks can trigger my son’s asthma. To perform our CNY prayers, we bought air purifiers to cleanse the indoor air. My son’s asthma attack has not returned ever since!” —Benjamin, 32 

Inhaling smoke from incense sticks and firecrackers can have adverse health effects, such as causing lung cancer and heart diseases. Before you abandon the prayer traditions, let us assure you that air purifiers with activated carbon can effectively remove harmful chemicals from indoor air! 

Pexels Chibili Mugala 13804698


As you can see, traditions and technology are not always incompatible. Both entities can complement each other in shaping an innovative approach to CNY, elevating our festive celebrations! 

This CNY, the marriage between traditions and modernisation is once again beautifully demonstrated in Maison Hennessy’s celebration! 

Hennessy ushers in the Lunar New Year by honouring not one but all 12 Chinese Zodiacs through bottle designs, unique dishes, and MORE!

From Omakase experiences to special CNY cocktails and free gifts, Hennessy is all set to bring you a memorable CNY celebration! Pssst, make sure to read ’til the end to find out how you can win passes to an Omakase experience for two!


Together, We Go Further

In the hands of famous painter, Yan Pei-Ming, 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac have come to life on Hennessy’s limited-edition bottles! 

The fusion between Chinese Zodiac folk tales and contemporary art portrays a collective forward momentum, reminding us to appreciate traditions as we take a step further. 

Hennesy Cny23 Lifestyle Ypm Studio Square 2000X2000 1

In case you didn’t know, Yan Pei-Ming is a Chinese expressionist artist who won international acclaim for his remarkable portraiture. He is known for his renewed portrait of the Chinese Communist leader, Mao Zedong, as well as his epic-sized portraits of Bruce Lee, Barack Obama, the Mona Lisa and more!  

Wanna lay your hands on Hennessy’s limited-edition bottles designed by Yan Pei-Ming? Visit Hennessy’s website and bring them home before they’re out of stock! 

Hennessy Cny23 Lifestyle Ypm Studio Square 2000X2000 1

Psst…while you stock up on cognac for your CNY celebrations, don’t miss out on the chance to collect points and unlock more exciting rewards! Here’s how: 

  1. Sign up as a member of the InnerClub
  2. Scan the QR code on the Hennessy bottle. 
  3. Peel the security seal sticker to see your unique code. 
  4. Input the code on InnerClub to key in your purchase points. 

That’s it, easy peasy! From today till 15th Feb, be sure to accumulate as many points as you can and redeem all benefits! Act fast, as the redemption period ends on 28th Feb

Now that you’ve started collecting points, let us tell you what you can redeem with the points on InnerClub! 


Unveil the fascination of Lunar Wonderland!

This 3rd and 4th February, head over to Hennessy’s Lunar Wonderland at Menara Ken, TTDI for the classiest CNY celebration! There are two sessions for you to choose from:

  • Session 1: 12pm – 4pm 
  • Session 2: 6pm – 10pm

At only 848 points (two pax general admission) and 1,098 points (two pax VIP invitation), you can enjoy a wide range of goodies for FREE! Here’s what you can expect: 

  • An omakase experience by Jing Ze Contemporary Restaurant
  • A limited-edition bottle showcase
  • CNY special cocktails
  • Performances and games:
    • Strike A Gold
    • Golden Chance Toss
    • Prosper Lion Dance
    • Pond of Fortune
    • Seal the Victory
    • Lucky Wheel
    • God of Prosperity

Make your booking ASAP, as there are only 12 seats available per session, and they’re on a first come first served basis! 

Want FREE tickets? Well, lucky you because Hennessy is giving out 25 pairs of tickets exclusively for the readers of World of Buzz!

Here’s how you can win these exclusive tickets:

  1. Like WORLD OF BUZZ and Hennessy on Facebook.
  2. In the comments section of this FB post, tag the person you’d like to bring along with you + use the hashtags #HennessyCNY2023 and #TogetherWeGoFurther
  3. Share this FB post on your Feed.

That’s it! We’ll be selecting 25 lucky winners and reaching out to them on 30th January. Good luck! 


Indulge in exquisite CNY meals

Hennessy has also partnered with multiple restaurants across Malaysia to serve 12 zodiac-inspired dishes! Below are the CNY meals you can choose from: 

  • Menu for two pax: 1,000 points
  • Menu for eight pax (with Hennessy V.S.O.P): 3,125 points
  • Menu for eight pax (with Hennesy X.O): 6,250 points

Indulge in meaningful and scrumptious zodiac-inspired dishes this festive season! Now you know where to bring your loved ones for an unforgettable CNY meal. 


Claim gorgeous CNY gifts

If you’re looking for gorgeous CNY door gifts, Hennessy has got you covered! Use up your points on InnerClub to bring home these exclusive gifts: 

  • Platter of Togetherness: 750 points
  • Hennessy glasses, coasters, and red packets set: 160 points
  • Hennessy CNY 2023 tote bag: 160 points

Innerclub Cny Subpage V3 03 300X244 1

Innerclub Cny Subpage V2 13 300X220 1Innerclub Cny Subpage V2 14 300X217 1


Besides, Hennessy will also have a Lunar Wonderland Pop-Up at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur this 19th Jan to 5th Feb—do drop by and admire the limited edition bottles during your CNY holiday! 

For more information regarding Henessy’s CNY celebration, visit their official website or follow them on


Source: Kindel Media
Source: LazarCatt
Source: Angela Roma
Source: freepik

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