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Thoughtful 8yo in Melaka Chooses Cheapest Slippers Just So That His Mum Doesn’t Have to Spend Too Much


Source: TikTok | bythemadamb

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Kids RARELY lie and they often tell what they see, feel, and hear. Sometimes, what they say reflects just how pure and innocent their souls are.

A TikTok clip showing a conversation between a kid and his mother went viral recently, and what the kid says may just melt your heart, especially if you’re a parent. A Malaysian mother, Madam Bee brought her son, Zayyan out to get him a new pair of slippers and as a mother, she genuinely wanted to get Zayyan the best and the one he likes.

Madam Bee found one that Zayyan might like but there was a minor concern for the cute little soul – It was too expensive. Zayyan pointed at the price tag, which showed RM39.90 for a pair of slippers. 

Screenshot 2023 08 03 163734

“Yes, it’s expensive,” Zayyan told his mother.

To some of us, the price is far from expensive and yes, regardless of the price, Madam Bee would have paid for it anyway. But that’s what little Zayyan was trying to avoid. He didn’t want his mother to spend too much on him. Zayyan then chose another pair of slippers which costs only RM7.90.

Screenshot 2023 08 03 163759

Regardless, Madam Bee insisted that he take the previous one, saying that she could pay regardless of the price, to which Zayyan hugged her and said,

“I don’t want you to run out of money.”

Screenshot 2023 08 03 163822

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Madam Bee, who is from Malacca says that it wasn’t the 1st time her son attempted to save her money.

“Zayyan will always ask for permission before wanting to buy something, and he will always try to stop me from spending too much on him.”

Screenshot 2023 08 03 163711

Madam Bee also told WORLD OF BUZZ that she mostly knows when her 8-year-old son wants something, and he will only express his desire after making sure of 1 thing…

“He will constantly ask if I have enough money and only when he’s convinced, he will be honest about what he wants,” Madam Bee explained.

She also reminded the public NOT to jump to conclusions and say Zayyan is stingy, when he is actually the opposite. To her, the 8-year-old is merely making sure she has enough money to spend on other matters.

“I love you Zayyan. I’m sorry that I used to hit you before when I was stressed with my life,” Madam Bee said in her caption.

You can watch and listen to the heartwarming clip below.


Jangan cakap dia kedekut tau,dia sangat pemurah,tapi bila dia keluar beli barang dgn ibu dia mesti nak yang murah dan takut duit habis. Ibu sayang abg long sangat, maaf terpaksa jadi dewasa dari umur, maaf lalui byk kesusahan dgn ibu dari kecik, maaf ibu pernah terpukul masa abg kecil sbb stress dgn kehidupan lalu. Ibu doakan abg long membesar dgn baik, takkan tgn ni naik lagi pd badan abg long, tq sntiasa memahami dan menyenangkan hati ibu. #madambee #kisahmadambee

♬ original sound – madambeebeauty – madambeebeauty

Kids will ALWAYS want a lot of things to keep themselves happy but to have a young, innocent soul worrying about your finances is rare. To the parents out there, how will you feel if your young children express their concern about your life?


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