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M’sian Kid Writes Apology Note & Includes RM100 After Throwing up in Putrajaya Surau


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Source: Facebook | Surau Putra Al-Amin & Malaysian Business Directory

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A house of worship must be kept clean at ALL times as it is where prayers are performed. However, accidents happen from time to time.

On its Facebook page, Surau Putra Al-Amin in Putrajaya has recently shared what they stumbled upon in the donation box. They found a piece of RM100 banknote stacked together with an apology note from a boy who threw up in the Surau not long ago.

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The anonymous boy apologised to the Surau and explained that he vomited in the mosque on January 27 after getting food poisoning.

“I wanted to clean it but I had to rush to school, and my dad’s car was blocking others”, the boy added.

He also said, “I hope you can forgive me for this”.

Not only that but the boy also left his father’s contact number if the Surau finds the need to contact the family. The RM100 that was stacked with the note was not simply a donation.

“My dad gives this money in hope that it will ease your burden in cleaning up my vomit.”

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In the Facebook post, Surau Putra Al-Amin said they were not mad at the boy. In fact, they praised the kind young man for his bravery to speak about the matter.

“I hope God grants you good health, and we hope to see you and your family again soon!”

The Surau wasn’t the only one who praised the kid. Many Malaysians who came across the post also took some time to drop a few good words to the anonymous kid for his bravery in admitting what he’d done.

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“Dear Surau Putra Al-Amin, this is a good start for a good relationship between the mosque and the attendants. This is an example for all, and you can give some sort of appreciation to the kid and his family.”

“He’s my nephew. He’s really a good kid, and I’m proud of him for doing this without anyone telling him.”

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“It’s alright. We can always clean up vomit, just like how we have to keep our hearts clean.”

“It’s so soothing to read the note. I wish him success in the world and in the afterlife.”

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“This is a noble example. The manners that youth should have, and the manners that we learn in school which should be practised in daily life.”

“This kid has good manners. He owns up to his mistake and he’s very responsible. May God bless him and his family.”

Semalam kami jumpa surat ni dalam tabung surau.Mulia dan bersihnya hatimu wahai anak.Semoga diberikan kesihatan dan…

Posted by Surau Putra Al-Amin on Friday, February 3, 2023

It’s not easy to clean up vomit, but it takes real guts to admit your mistakes, and many of us can learn from this anonymous kid.


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