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This M’sian Man Built His Very Own Version Of The Amazon River!



Source: Dusun Tengkek

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While many of us are working on projects like gardening and painting to keep us going throughout the pandemic, others had much bigger plans in mind.

For Fahiz Hussin II, he built his own mini Amazon river at his estate he affectionately calls ‘The Kebun’ in Kampung Tengkek, Negeri Sembilan.

He took to the Tukang Apa Hari Ini Facebook page and his Dusun Tengkek Facebook page to showcase pictures of the process of creating the mini Amazon river and the YouTube video of it, for those who want to take a closer look.

He wrote, “Here, I include the step by step construction of the mini Amazon-styled pond at my garden. This formation process took seven days with the use of an ex200 excavator.”

This mini Amazon was built with the intention of it being the ‘pulse’ and ‘green lung’ of The Kebun, though its main function is actually to meet the watering capacity for the irrigation of the plants there.

On top of all that, the grounds around the ‘river’ is perfect for activities such as camping and ATV riding.

Despite the mini “Amazon’ looking rather straight from above, it definitely comes with its twists and turns.

Considering that the land used to build the mini ‘Amazon’ was swampy and housed many venomous animals and pythons, it’s only fitting that it has now become Malaysia’ own version of the Amazon river, boosting the ecosystem surrounding it.

With all the development happening around us, we’re glad to see people not only protecting mother nature but also elevating her in such unique ways.

Kudos, Fahiz!

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