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This M’sian is Living His Best Life in London by Feeding an Adorable Fox That Visits Him


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Source: @zayndudee | TikTok

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Many of us Malaysians get to enjoy all kinds of animals frolicking in our backyards, from birds to squirrels, monitor lizards to monkeys.

But one Malaysian man living in London has officially won the title of having the cutest wild animal ‘pet’ ever!

Netizen, @zayndudee, took to his TikTok account to showcase an adorable fox that came to visit him at the back of his house in London and he tried to feed it.

Fox 1

We honestly couldn’t spot the fox from this frame because of how well it came camouflage into its environment.

He wrote, “Sorry, at my old house I just had cats and chicken. I don’t know what foxes here eat, so I’m trying everything I have at home.”


In the video, @zayndudee could be seen trying to feed the fox a variety of foods to see what it would like. 

Fox 2

He started off my throwing it an apple, but the fox barely looked at the fruit. He then tried throwing it some nuts, but that didn’t peak the fox’s interest either.

Fox 3

“(I) tried an egg next because my grandmother said the civets at my hometown always eat chicken eggs,” he said.

That didn’t work either.

“I guess only Malaysian civets eat eggs.”

In the end, @zayndudee ended up giving the fox a piece of fried chicken, which it devoured quickly and wanted more off.


In another video, @zayndudee showed that the fox came back to visit him and so he once again fed it some fried chicken. Considering the fox still seemed hungry, he even went out to buy it a piece of raw chicken!

Fox 4

“My housemates said that, because it’s winter, it’s hard for them (foxes) to find food,” he said.

We can tell that these two are going to be fast friends!


You can check out the adorable videos here


Sorry kat rumah aku dulu ade kucing ngan ayam je x tau ape musang sini makan tu yg aku try semua dlam rumah aku #fyp #fypシ #viral #malaysiatiktok

♬ Sempurna (Acoustic Instrumental) – Killercats


Replying to @lune second day on having a pet fox #fyp #fypシ #viral

♬ cardigan – Taylor Swift

What animal do you wish you could see in your backyard? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: @zayndudee
Source: @zayndudee
Source: @zayndudee
Source: @zayndudee

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