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This M’sian Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention From Locals & We Can See Why


Lady In Hospital
Source: Libresse

When it comes to TV shows, movies, music, even ads, Malaysia’s censorship board can be pretty darn tight. Some shows or movies won’t even make it into our cinemas or TV channels!

Well, for this particular ad that’s been making its rounds around social media, it’s definitely been turning some heads and catching a lot of attention due to the nature of it and the issue it’s highlighting. It brings to light an issue we Malaysians generally don’t talk about (but should!) so we definitely see why it’s getting a lot of attention.

Check out the ad here:

So in case it isn’t already clear enough, this ad by Libresse® is highlighting one thing, and one thing only…

And that’s the importance of knowing your V, or better known as the Vagina or Vulva.

Yes, we said it. We said the V-word.

Tonight Show Omg Gif By The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Ladies, we’ve all grown up with this body part since forever, but how much do we really know about it? Have you ever even taken a proper look at your own vulva? Without sex education and proper talks about the birds and the bees from our parents, most of us are often left clueless about our V-zones. And das not good!

It doesn’t help that Vulvas and Vaginas are considered quite the taboo topic in Malaysia.

That’s why, together with Libresse®, we want to highlight the importance of knowing your V-zone and bring attention to this topic no matter how uncomfortable it might be to talk about or how controversial the ad may seem. With that said, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Patricia Lim Su-Lyn, a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, to kick start the conversation about our V’s, here are some facts about it that you SHOULD know but probably don’t:


1. You’re probably not even using the V-word right

This Libresse Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention, & We Can See Why - World Of Buzz

[Test] This M'sian Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention From Locals, & We Can See Why - World Of Buzz

Many of us tend to refer to the outer and/or overall female genitalia as the “Vagina”. When in actual fact, the Vagina only refers to the muscular, elastic canal which extends from the cervix to your vulva. It’s not something you can see from the outside.

If you want to refer to the parts you can see (the labia, clit, and urethra), the correct term is actually “vulva”.


2. You should start seeing a gynaecologist at 21 years old OR once you’re sexually active

This Libresse Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention, & We Can See Why - World Of Buzz 1

Whichever comes first.

So if you happen to be sexually active by 19, for crying out loud, go see a gynaecologist! Visiting a gynae may seem daunting but it’s really just like any other annual body check-up. You don’t have to wait until something’s wrong before you make an appointment. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Some things your gynae will check for during your first visit include:

  1. Your weight, blood pressure, urine and/or blood samples as well
  2. After taking your family history, menstruation cycle, and so forth, your gynae may run a physical examination to check your pelvis, abdomen, and possibly the external genitalia as well
  3. Followed by a bimanual examination to check your inner genitalia, a.k.a the vagina

Do note that what the doctor does may vary depending on your current health status, but whatever it is, always refer to a professional Consultant Obstetrician and/or Gynaecologist for info. Don’t Google your symptoms!

While it may seem painfully awkward, it is crucial that Malaysian women seek professional advice seeing as to how many of us, know shockingly little about our V-zones; and that’s particularly why the unconventional Libresse® ad was birthed! To highlight the significance of seeking professional help as well as to champion the importance for women to know their V-zones.


3. Vaginal discharge is NORMAL and helps keep your vagina clean

This Libresse Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention From M'sians, & We Can See Why - World Of Buzz

Most of the time, vaginal discharge is normal, so don’t panic! It’s basically your reproductive system’s way of doing the housekeeping. The fluid from the cervix and vagina helps carry bacteria and dead cells away, preventing possible infections. These discharges are usually clear or milky white-ish.

You should only start worrying if your discharge suddenly looks different (colour and consistency) or smells different than usual and if it’s accompanied by itching or burning sensations. This could be caused by:

  • Antibiotics or steroids
  • Yeast infections
  • Scented soaps, lotions or bubble baths
  • STD’s such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis

And more. Whatever it is, if your discharge looks, smells, feels different than usual, do get it checked. This is another reason it’s so important to know your V-zone and its habits.

After all, Vaginas and Vulvas are more prone to infections compared to male reproductive organs, a.k.a the penis.

Yeah, sucks right? 

That’s why, Libresse® has also come up with a brilliant board game set to trigger conversations about the V-zone among women of all ages.

This M'sian Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention From Locals & We Can See Why V2

How this game works is, participants will role-play everyday situations that women face (from dealing with their periods to vaginal discharge, and more) and the game will guide players and provide solutions while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves. It also teaches us how to care for the delicate V-zone!

Who knew learning about your V-zone could be fun?

In fact, besides the V-zone, Libresse® is also dedicated to educating Malaysians about other parts of the female body too and they’ll be touching on topics from A-Z, such as:

  • Awareness
  • Blood
  • Clitoris
  • Discharge
  • Exercise
  • Flow
  • Gynae

And more! Follow them on Instagram and educate yourself asap!


So, no more excuses okay, ladies! It’s time to KNOW. YOUR. VAGINAS (and Vulvas). Inside and out! Take a look at it every once in awhile, it won’t bite. 😉

Know what it looks like, feels like and how it functions on a day-to-day basis. And for your sake, avoid harsh soaps, scented products or any other cleaning solutions for that matter. Your cave of wonders is self-cleaning after all.

This Libresse Ad Highlighting A Female Taboo Is Getting A Lot Of Attention From M'sians, & We Can See Why - World Of Buzz 1

And if you’re on your period, make sure to take EXTRA care! And follow these tips:

  • Drink more water! It helps to flush out toxins
  • Change your pad every four hours to avoid overflow or bacteria breeding
  • Avoid soaps/ shower gels with strong scents
  • Use a sanitary pad that fits well (not too tight, or too loose)

If you haven’t found a brand of pads that’s comfy and fits well, do check out Libresse®!


They offer women quality sanitary care products with patented SecureFit™ to ensure the perfect fit for a woman’s “V” and Deep Flow Channels (DFC) technology to ensure your period is absorbed quickly and channelled evenly throughout the pad to keep your delicate area dry and protected at all times.

Besides period care, Libresse® also offers daily intimate care products to encourage Malaysian women to care for their V-zones’ health, including breathable liners and pH-balanced intimate wash and wipes that are dermatologically tested.

If you’re interested to try some of their free samples or learn more about Libresse® and their controversial ads, head to their website or like them on Facebook!

Source: CDC
Source: Refinery29
Source: Libresse®
Source: Libresse®
Source: Libresse®
Source: Freepik

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