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Then vs. Now: M’sians Reminisce What They Miss About Celebrating Christmas Back Then



Source: goingplaces & popsugar

Christmas has always been a comforting celebration as we get to reminisce all the good times we’ve had in that year while also looking forward to a better new year. But with everything that has happened to us this 2020, join us as we dig up some of the good ol’ memories of celebrating during our childhood and what made it so jolly!


1. Waiting all year to get one Barbie doll vs. Kids these days who would get a whole Frozen-themed costume set

Remember once upon a time when our parents had to scour the mall to find the exact doll that we wanted? And we’d be so grateful if we even got one of the toys that were on our wish list.

Meanwhile, kids nowadays could get a whole Frozen-themed costume set! Especially now, with tons of online toy shops like Toy World being available on platforms like GrabMart, their parents won’t even have to step out of the house to shop!


2. Showing off your new toys to your cousins vs. Helping each other take OOTDs

Who else here is guilty of bringing all the new toys you just unwrapped to your family’s big Christmas gathering just to purposely show off to your cousins? Just us?

But now that we’re grown, we’ve moved on to something else: seeing who has the better outfit for the night. This is the time of the year when you’ll bring out your brand new ChristyNg handbags and strut your stuff in front of your cousins, aunties, and grandmas!

But we do give credit to our cousins because without them, we wouldn’t be able to take on point OOTDs like this! You can spice up your outfit with ChristyNg here too! 


3. Going to Christmas parties vs. Celebrating alone because of the CMCO

For some of us, Christmas gatherings are super special since this is the only time of the year we get to see certain family members or friends.

But this year, due to the CMCO, some of us will probably be celebrating alone in the city. If this is you, fret not! Remember that your family is only one video call away. Plus, you definitely won’t be the only one like this, so check up on your friends and make plans to celebrate together instead!

You could also make a thoughtful gesture by sending sweet Christmas treats or special gifts to your loved ones to show that you’re there with them in spirit. Even something as simple as a slice of cake from Secret Recipe or Inside Scoop’s ice cream cake can make anyone’s day! Pssst, we have the ultimate inside scoop for you too…

You can actually get 50% OFF Inside Scoop and Secret Recipe if you order here!

When it doubt, always choose desserts!


4. Going to the mall to see Christmas decor vs. Decking the halls of your home

Stepping into a mall during Christmas will never fail to make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a snowy wonderland, which would instantly perk up our holiday spirits!

Since we’re all currently advised to avoid crowded places like malls, this tradition will also have to be put on pause this year. But don’t worry, you can always recreate the festive setting by decorating your own home instead! Even if you’re about to throw a last-minute party, you can get all the decor you need from S&J Co. via GrabMart! Everything will be delivered to you in 30 minutes. Easy peasy!

You can turn your home into a mini snowy wonderland with these decors!


5. Last-minute Christmas shopping in crowded malls vs. Buying and sending gifts online

Every year, your parents vowed to do their Christmas shopping early and almost every year, they fail. But looking back, those last-minute shopping trips to a mall filled with desperate people looking through discounted items have become a treasured memory of ours.

Now, most of us prefer to do our shopping online. Plus, with the help of GrabMart, it’s so convenient as we can buy and send gifts directly to our loved ones’ doorsteps!

ICYMI, GrabMart recently added some of your favourite brands to their platform like Christy Ng, Toy World, Yves Rocher and more!


Plus, new users can get 50% OFF their orders! More on this below.

This means gift shopping just got a whole lot easier, guys! Not only are there more merchants, but they’ve also expanded so that they’re now available in more cities including:

  • Klang Valley
  • Penang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Kuching
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Ipoh & Taiping
  • Negeri Sembilan
  • Kuantan
  • Miri
  • Sungai Petani

So if you’re in Klang Valley while your family is in Kuantan, it won’t be a problem to send goodies to them as well! 


What’s great about GrabMart is that you can get everything you want from groceries, pharmacy items, to even festive items and gifts in just about 30 minutes. This will definitely come in handy for that super last-minute shopping spree where there’s not enough time to go to the mall or order it online!

And in the spirit of giving, GrabMart is offering new users 50% off their orders when you use the promo code NEW2MART!

The code is applicable with a minimum spend of RM30 and the discount is capped at RM20. It is also valid for two redemptions per user until 31 March 2021 so don’t waste it, okay! We couldn’t help but check it out ourselves and the whole process is super easy!

1. Check out the latest promos and codes via the banners as you enter GrabMart


2. Look through the various new merchants and their ongoing promos

Check out some of the newly added brands in this Gift Shops list!


3. Fill up your basket with whatever gift(s) you want to get!

In our case, we were in the mood to send some sweet treats to our friends!


4. Don’t forget to utilise the code ‘NEW2MART‘ at checkout to enjoy the discount!

We managed to enjoy RM20 off. Definitely a steal!


The delivery was also pretty swift because our order was delivered in only 20 minutes!

Don’t forget to give back and tip our hardworking abang delivery, okay!

You can never go wrong with gifting some sweet treats!


Don’t these look super tempting? After everything we’ve been through this year, we definitely deserve to treat ourselves and our loved ones so don’t forget to send something special their way. You never know how much it’ll mean to them! 😍

To find out more about GrabMart, you can visit their website here or you can also head straight to their app which is available via the App Store and Google Play. Merry Christmas & happy gifting, guys! 


What other memories of Christmas do you have? Share with us below!

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