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The Biggest 4-Week Japanese Festival In Malacca Is Happening Soon! Here’s Why M’sians Are Excited


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Japan has always been known as a beautiful country rich with unique culture and history. In fact, we bet many Malaysians would love to visit Japan just to experience its lively traditions up close and personal, right? If this is you, then get ready to be excited because we have the best news for you…

From 13 September to 8 October 2023, Malaysians can experience the best of Japanese culture at the Fuji Autumn Matsuri in Malacca!

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Can’t go to Japan? You’re in luck because this matsuri (festival) is bringing Japan to you! Happening in the span of four weeks, Malaysians can expect to enjoy special performances and fireworks, dine delicious Japanese food and have plenty of fun! Just read on to find out what’s in store for you at this festival.


1. Four weeks, four different themes!

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Yes, you read that right! This festival will take place over a span of four weeks from 13 September to 8 October 2023, making it the largest and longest-running Japanese festival to take place in Malacca!

The festival will take on a different theme each week and there will also be special fireworks shows happening each weekend. Here’s what you can expect:

W1 Fuji Traditions Programme

Get ready to be transported to the olden days of Japan where you can appreciate the classic traditions and cultures with this traditional Japan theme. You don’t want to miss traditional performances such as the special drum performance known as ‘Wadaiko’ and classic Japanese theatre performances known as ‘Kabuki’.


W2 Fuji Modern Programme

Who says you have to travel far to experience Japan’s culture? ? Visit the festival this week to experience the modern Japan theme and catch special performances including a magic show and fire-eater performances, live DJ sets, J-Pop (Japanese pop) dance performances and a special live performance by Malaysian singer, Hael Husaini.


W3 Fuji Mid Autumn Programme

Always wished you could visit Japan during the mid-autumn festival? Here’s your chance! This week’s mid-autumn festival theme will feature traditional Chinese and Japanese dance performances, a Chinese Orchestra performance, a special concert by internet-famous singer Dior (this will also be Dior’s debut appearance in Malacca!) and a “K-Pop in Japan” dance competition.


W4 Fuji Anime Programme

Calling all anime lovers in Malaysia, this week’s anime theme will be specially dedicated to you! Time to put on your best cosplay outfits and join the festival’s special events including a cosplay competition, a cosplay runway show competition, a special performance by anime singers Fate Feather and Rina Hime, live anime DJ performances by DJ Dexoul and DJ Yang Yang and a big eater competition.

Apart from the special highlights above, there will also be various special events happening on weekdays throughout the festival, such as:

  • Valentine’s Day Fine Dining (13 & 14 September)
  • Interactive and traditional matsuri games (e.g.: Goldfish scoop, cork and dart shooting game, Japanese childhood toys, etc.)
  • K-Pop Random Dance Challenge (20 September)
  • K-Pop In Japan Dance Cover Competition 2023 (1 October)

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Kpop 03

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If you’re someone who loves to stay active, you’ll be interested in joining these Fuji Healthy Lifestyle activities:

  • Zumba (19 & 26 September)
  • Strong Nation (21 September)
  • Tabata (28 September)
  • X Beat Cardio (3 October)
  • Heat Cardio (5 October)

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2. There are six zones for you to explore

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Remember we mentioned that this is the biggest Japanese festival in Malacca? Well, we weren’t kidding because there will be six different zones for you to explore! This includes:

  • Japanese Street – Which will be adorned with Japanese lanterns and traditional shopfronts to mimic the charm of small alleyways in Japan.
  • Fuji Garden (Fuji-no-hana) – Malaysians can experience the seasonal ‘Wisteria’ flowers from the Mount Fuji region which only bloom during the Japanese flower season. This zone will also feature Japanese bamboo lanterns which are synonymous with the autumn season.
  • Culture Street – This zone will feature a Torii gate and wishing plaques which are essential features of a traditional Japanese festival.
  • Bazaar Booths – The booths will be set up in the style of Japanese street food stalls. There will also be a stage where visitors can catch various Japanese-themed performances.
  • Food Trucks – The food trucks will also be decorated with Japanese lanterns to really mimic the authentic street food culture in Japan.
  • Dining Zone – A special dining zone will be prepared for visitors to experience the ‘tatami‘ dining setting while enjoying their food with the nearby sea breeze.

170095318 Purple Wisteria Ajiji Flower Park

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3. Visit iconic Japanese attractions & catch eight fireworks shows!

Asian Women Traditional Japanese Kimonos Fushimi Inari Shrine Kyoto Japan

To really transport Malaysians to Japan, the festival is recreating a few iconic attractions that are considered must-visits if you are in Japan. This includes:

  • Fuji Wisteria (Fukuoka) – The Fuji Garden will feature stunning Wisteria flowers which are usually found in Fukuoka.
  • Koi Fish Street (Tokyo) – Located in the Cultural Zone, an enchanting display of Koi fish resembles the Koi Fish Street in Tokyo.
  • Japan Night Market (Ooedo) – Thanks to the Japanese cuisine, beverages, and a variety of traditional Japanese games available in the market area, visitors can experience the ambience of the night markets in Ooedo.
  • Senbon Torii (Kyoto) – The entrances and exits of the festival are designed with Torii gates which will make you feel like you’re visiting ancient temples in Kyoto.

Not only that, you can also catch not one, not two… but eight international musical fireworks shows calledJewels In The Sky‘! The fireworks will take place each weekend so make sure you stay around for this.

Psstt, pro tip: One of the biggest fireworks shows of the event will fall on 16 September 2023 in conjunction with Hari Malaysia. The fireworks will konfem be a huge blast (literally!) so don’t miss it!

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4. Feast on authentic Japanese food with Don Don Donki

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Festival-goers can expect to feast on some delicious and authentic Japanese food by JONETZ by Don Don Donki, the official vendor for this festival!

High Angle Hands Cooking Japanese Street Food

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There will be a ton of Japanese food available, from classic Izakaya-style cuisine to famous Japanese street snacks. Not only that, the bazaar area will also feature an array of Japanese items for sale. Ranging from anime merchandise to daily essentials that are loved by Japanese locals, you’ll find them all here!


Sugoi! How can I join this event?”

Excited to attend this special matsuri? Then make sure you mark your calendars with these event details so you don’t miss out!

? Date: 13 September to 8 October 2023
? Time: 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Operating on regular weekdays and weekends)
? Venue: Encore Melaka

However, do take note that bazaar stalls will only be available from Fridays to Sundays every week! As for the tickets, you can purchase them at the venue at the following prices:

  • Adults: RM20 (Weekend) / RM10 (Weekdays)
  • Students: RM15 (Weekend) / RM8 (Weekdays)

Kids (aged 6 to 12 years old), senior citizens (aged 60 years old and above) and individuals with disabilities will receive a 50% discount on their tickets.

For more information, you can follow Fuji Autumn Matsuri on Facebook and Instagram as they bring you the latest updates about the festival. See you there, tomodachis~ ?‍♂️?‍♀️


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