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Taiwanese Celebrity Reveals How Corrupt M’sian Policemen Are on Popular TV Show



Taiwanese Celebrity Shares How Corrupt M'sian Policeman Is on Popular Tv Show - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Facebook

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Admittedly, our country has been making international headlines for the wrong reason, and the latest one involved our abang polis. 

A Taiwanese celebrity recently shared how Malaysian policemen deliberately stalled her friends and her at a roadblock and took bribery from them. Worse, the whole sharing session was done on a variety show called ‘Half And Half’.

Source: Facebook

The highly popular tv show is believed to be aired on 4 April 2018. In the show, she said,

“I went to Malaysia once and believe it or not, the policemen there not only do bad things after work, but they do it while they’re on duty as well! 

“My friends and I went to Malaysia for vacation and we came to a roadblock. The policeman checked everyone’s identification document and when he found out that I was from Taiwan, he wanted to find fault with me.

Despite seeing the stamp on her passport, the policeman accused that she had entered the country illegally. She also said that Malaysian policemen in general love to pick on foreign tourists like herself.

Image for illustration purpose only | Source: Amnesty

They were held up at the roadblock and that’s when her friend who is a Malaysian, tried to kowtim with the policeman. He offered the abang polis NT$1000 (approx. RM132) but was turned down. 

“The policeman said he cannot accept the money and still insists on taking me into custody. We all know that it’s a very troublesome thing for tourists to be locked up in Malaysia because they would spend the whole day there and do nothing.”

In the end, the friend offered NT$4,000 (approx. RM520) and the policeman took it, and they were cleared to go after that.

“I feel that Malaysian policemen tend to do this kind of things because their salary isn’t that high,” she said.

Jatuh muka sial!


This show was uploaded on Facebook and soon received mixed reactions from Malaysian netizens.

“I have no trouble in believing what she said, because I too did the same thing at a roadblock to get out of a speeding ticket,” a netizen said.

“Just because one policeman is corrupted doesn’t mean the entire force is contaminated. Also, there’s no evidence to back up what this celebrity has just said,” another Facebook user said. 

Honestly, we hope what she said wasn’t true, but many Malaysians who shared their similar encounters said otherwise. The show is being watched by millions of people from various countries, and it’s a shame this kinda story has to get out to people from other countries as well!

Do you guys believe what she said? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

Here’s the video in Mandarin.


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