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Starbucks Just Launched Their New Hari Raya Dessert Menu & Our Mouths Are Watering!



Source: Starbucks

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If you’re someone who loves Malaysia’s local desserts, or if you’re simply a fan of Starbucks, you might want to keep on reading!

In the midst of this holy month of Ramadan, Starbucks is releasing a new set of desserts that is sure to grace your palate with some local flavours inspired by the diversity and rich heritage of Malaysia.

These desserts are embellished with colourful toppings and filled with flavour sweet enough to satisfy your cravings for some Malaysian goodness. Additionally, these desserts could act as a great gift for your friends and family, or they could be the perfect buah tangan for your Hari Raya open-house visits.

Here is what’s new on Starbucks’ dessert menu this season:

1. Green Velvet Nangka Cake (RM13.70)

The Green Velvet Nangka Cake is pandan flavoured, complimented by bits of jackfruit (Nangka) and cheese mousse. Starbucks recommends pairing it with their signature Pike Place Roast or Kenya beans.

Source: Starbucks


2. Gula Melaka Donut (RM7.20)

This donut is not your usual spherical donut, but is uniquely sculpted into the shape of a star. A never seen before delight, the Gula Melaka Donut was inspired by Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) itself and topped with roasted Hawaiian coconut shavings. This piece of pastry is best tried with Starbucks Pike Place Roast beans or their Ice Shaken Passion Tea.

Source: Starbucks


3. Bandung Éclair (RM7.30)

Although éclairs originated from France, Starbucks has given the classic dessert a Malaysian twist. With an exterior coated with pink chocolate and pink chocolate drizzle, the Bandung Éclair oozes a soft custard filling when you bite into it and unleashes hints of Sirap Bandung (Rose Cordial Syrup) flavour from the pastry, having been submerged in the syrup beforehand.

Source: Starbucks


4. Ondeh-Ondeh Muffin (RM8.20)

The Ondeh-Ondeh Muffin is a returning favourite from last year’s Hari Raya dessert menu, and it features a combination of coconut and pandan flavours, complimented with a rich Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) sauce and hints of coconut bites.

This must’ve been quite a catch among Malaysians for Starbucks to bring it back again this year.

Source: Starbucks


In addition to their new Hari Raya dessert items, Starbucks has also designed this year’s Aidilfitri Starbucks Card that features the patterns, layers and shapes of geometric strapwork interlaced in an unending continuous pattern. The golden brown lines represent purity and peace while celebrating the influences and contributions of Islamic arts to the world.

With a minimum reload of RM50, the intricately-designed Aidilfitri Starbucks Card that’s perfect for this festive season is definitely one to keep for Starbucks Card collectors all across Malaysia.

Source: Foodie

And for those of you who are breaking fast with your Muslim brothers or sisters, Starbucks has a special promotion that is valid only during Buka Puasa hours! From 6pm-10pm, you can purchase two grande beverages and a piece of cake at the price of only RM29.90! This promotion will be available at all participating outlets nationwide and will end on 3rd June 2019.


So, what are you waiting for? Head on out to the nearest Starbucks outlet and get your hands on the already available Hari Raya food offerings of the year before stocks run out! Meanwhile, the Aidilfitri Starbucks Card will only be available starting 20th May 2019 onwards.


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