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Skincare In 2021: 5 Ways MCO Has Changed Our Routines & What M’sians Should Pay Attention To Now


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When it comes to skincare, there will always be new trends that pop up every now and then. But in 2021, the new trends of self-care are mostly inspired by our new norms of living. From the need to wear face masks to spending more time at home, the MCO has more or less introduced us to new ways of taking care of our skin and health. If you’re not sure what aspects you need to focus on for your skincare routine, read on to find out some of the current trends that Malaysians are loving!


1. Light makeup is the new go-to due to face masks

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Due to the need to wear face masks as well as the working from home situation, Malaysians are finding less reason to pound on heavy makeup daily. Instead, the current beauty trend is the “no-makeup” makeup look that focuses on fresh-looking skin.

Because of this, we are now more prone to choosing lightweight makeup, such as swapping foundation for CC cream or tinted moisturiser to conceal imperfections while leaving our skin looking and feeling natural. Some people have also opted to avoid base makeup completely. Instead, they’d only apply makeup to the portion that is not covered by the face mask! Sounds like a pretty good hack to us… 👀


2. Water-based products are preferred over oil-based products

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ICYMI, maskne occurs when our skin is constantly trapped behind a mask under this hot and humid condition, making it easier for bacteria to breed. Paired with the natural oils from our skin, it’s no wonder that our pores are getting clogged more quickly which results in maskne breakouts.

Because of this, Malaysians now prefer to apply hydrating, water-based skin care products as compared to thick, oil-based products. This is to ensure that our skin gets to soak up as much hydration that it needs and it also helps not to clog our pores to prevent maskne from developing.


3. Skincare routine now includes diet and exercises

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The MCO has also caused some of us to slip into an unhealthy sleep cycle, unending work hours and also consuming an unhealthy diet. The stress and fatigue of this can also show up on our faces, which results in dry and dull-looking skin.

This is why Malaysians are now becoming more aware of their lifestyle choices. We’ve seen many people practising a more holistic form of self-care, which includes consuming superfoods and getting in some workout. This is because the things you eat can boost your skin’s health and getting some exercises done is also proven to help produce collagen and boost the renewal of skin cells.


4. Soothing products will help with the stress due to MCO

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As we’ve mentioned, it’s not hard for the fatigue we feel to show up on our faces. Thus, another form of self-care that has been gaining traction is the act of performing soothing skincare routines to not only care for the skin but also as a form of therapy at home to unwind and de-stress our mind and body.

In order to carry out these routines, soothing products such as cooling sheet masks, hydrating sleeping masks and face oil massages with gua sha tools are now trending.

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5. Serums are the frontliners of our skin

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Another very important trend that has emerged this year is focusing on strengthening our “skin barrier”. If you haven’t heard of it before, the skin barrier is the outermost layer that protects your skin. A damaged skin barrier can be observed by these signs:

  • Dry and dull skin
  • Sensitive skin and redness
  • Prone to breakouts

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A healthy skin barrier can be achieved by never skipping your basic skincare routine, regularly applying sunscreen and most importantly, keeping your skin well-hydrated. This is another reason why certain skincare products, like revitalising serums, are getting more popular as they can be a tremendous help in combating external factors affecting our skin. In fact, we recently heard of this one serum that contains amazing ingredients…

We’re talking about the Kosé SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum that can deeply moisturise and boost the immune system of your skin!

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So, what’s so special about this serum? Check this out!

  • It is made from 87% natural ingredients (regulated by ISO 16128).
  • Contains 750 million Black Yeast Probiotic that are cultured over 300 hours in one bottle of serum (50ml).
  • Contains ITOWA, a natural ingredient sourced from Japan that improves the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • It has a lightweight texture that is non sticky and absorbs into the skin easily. It is also free of parabens and colourants.
  • The refreshing scent of the serum acts like a pleasant breath of nature.

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The most special highlight of this serum is that it contains an ingredient called Black Yeast Probiotic which comes from fermented Japanese dried persimmons that are backed by 36 years of natural science research of around 20,000 types of probiotics from Japanese traditional food.

This ingredient is able to increase the moisture volume within the skin to improve skin texture and barrier function against harsh external factors and give it total protection. As a result, you can achieve healthier, plump and radiant-looking skin! Other than that, the serum is also beneficial in:

  • Reducing inflammation and enhancing skin immunity.
  • Delaying signs of ageing by reducing fine lines, refining pores.
  • Plumping and firming the skin instantly.
  • Combating dull and dry skin and hydrating fatigue skin.
  • Promoting youthful radiance and better skin vitality.

To test out the effectiveness of this serum, we’ve also seen several local influencers who are now joining the exciting new challenge called #ShankankanWithSekkisei!

This 4-week challenge will require participants to make a small change to their routines, such as their diet or exercise, to steadily work their way to achieve a healthier lifestyle all while testing out the Vitalizing Serum!

This challenge is inspired by the Japanese Shankankan philosophy that can be loosely translated to “there is beauty in taking your time” which emphasises the virtue of patience and making a steady effort to reach our goal. Doesn’t it sound super interesting?!

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If you’re interested to try the SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum, we have some good news! Kosé is actually giving away FREE samples for this serum with a flat rate of RM3. All you have to do is head over to this website and fill up your details to redeem your 3-day Sekkisei Vitalizing Serum trial kit. You might even stand a chance to win Kosé products worth up to RM58!

Easy peasy, right? 😉


For more information on the SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum or to purchase it, simply head over to their website here or you can also visit their official stores on Shopee and Lazada.


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