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Shallow Girls Called This Man “Good for Nothing” Just Because He Ate by Pavement



Source: Facebook

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It’s absolutely wrong to be judgmental towards others, and we all know that by heart. C’mon, I’m sure you’ve heard of the idiom ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.

Recently, a local netizen shared his story of being looked down by others on Facebook on March 27.

The netizen, who provides air-cond installation services, was enjoying his lunch at a shoplot pavement in Ipoh. A few ladies walked past him from behind, and noticed him squatting at the side while having his meal.

Source: Facebook

Suddenly, the ladies could be heard speaking loudly behind his back. “Yer, having his meal while squatting next to the roadside, never find such a man that is good-for-nothing,” they said loudly. Abuden, no table, no chair, how wor?

M'sian Man Judged By Ladies For Eating By a Shop-lot Pavement, Netizens Support Him - WORLD OF BUZZ

The netizen immediately turned back to look at them, and remained silent. Stunned by his actions, the ladies then scurried off.

Dismayed at the situation, the netizen asked his friends who were with him to snap a picture of his current state to see if he looked that ‘good-for-nothing’.

“Well indeed, my rank as a worker in the society is low. However, I am eating a packet of warm chicken rice given by my customer, and drinking a sweet and nutritious fruit juice prepared by another customer of mine,” he wrote.

A customer of his was worried that he and his friends would get hungry while servicing the air-cond, so she bought them chicken rice for lunch. How kind! The customer even gave him advice about his nose-related problems.

Dayum, look at that juicy chicken thigh!

Source: Facebook

Another customer knew that he has been having a headache for the past few days, and came to know that he was working in Bercham on that day. So, she specially prepared a fruit juice containing red apples, beetroot, carrots and lemon to help ease his headache. How nice of them!

Source: Facebook

“Yes, I am squatting by the shoplot pavement having my meal, but I am satisfied eating it. Why do I need to care about your perception of me?” the netizen wrote.

“To me, you are just someone who is overdosed with pride and self-esteem, inconsiderate and throws mean comments at others. Am I wrong?”

His post instantly became a hit among local netizens, with an impressive amount of 10,000 likes and 1,587 shares on Facebook. Most of them told the netizen to ignore the ladies’ behavior, saying it was not worth his time. They criticised the ladies for their attitude as well.

Source: Facebook

Some of them also shared that they too, eat by the roadside or shoplot pavement from time to time!


Source: Facebook

Well, those girls really need to reflect on their bad behaviour! If it weren’t for these guys, you girls would be having a sauna session every night in your room.


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