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Saudi Man Walks Indonesian Maid Down the Aisle at Her Wedding, Gifts Her Gold & RM12.5k Cash


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A heartwarming series of videos has tugged at the heartstrings of netizens recently, showing the close bond of a Saudi man with his longtime Indonesian houseworker who has been working with his family since he was 2 years old.

In the videos, the Saudi man, Riyad Al Attiyah can be seen travelling thousands of kilometres to Indonesia to attend his houseworker, Miri’s wedding and giving a heartfelt speech during the ceremony.


Saudi man travels all the way to Indonesia to walk houseworker down the aisle at her wedding

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In the 1st video, Riyad, wearing a traditional Saudi bisht, can be seen walking Miri down the aisle while holding her hand before symbolically handing the bride’s hand over to the groom.

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The groom then gave Miri a bouquet of flowers before the bride graciously kissed her husband’s hand. The trio then took a photo at the ‘pelamin‘ or wedding altar.

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Watch the video here:


Meanwhile, in the 2nd and 3rd videos, Riyad can be seen talking to guests at the wedding and holding a conversation with the groom in Arabic, with Miri acting as translator.



According to Gulf News, Miri has been an integral part of Riyad’s family for over 30 years and acted as a caregiver to Riyad’s mother who suffers from quadriplegia.

In his speech in Arabic during the wedding ceremony, Riyad asserted,

“My relationship with Miri transcends the ordinary. It’s about acknowledging her immense contribution to my life, from raising me to caring for my mother.”

“We owe her a debt of gratitude. Bringing her happiness is the least we can do, considering the joy she has brought into our lives.”


Riyad gifted gold jewellery and RM12,500 cash to the newlyweds

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As can be seen in the 3rd video, Riyad didn’t just come to the wedding empty-handed but gifted the couple with gold jewellery, with their value undisclosed.

Not only that, he also gifted the newlyweds with SAR10,000 in cash, which is approximately RM12,500.

Beyond that, Riyad asserted that given that Miri has expressed her desire to continue working for the family, he would ensure that a home will be prepared for her, honouring her wishes and steadfast commitment to the family.

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Aww, so wholesome! So, what do you guys think of the video? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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