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Sabahan Mother Re-cooks Food for Daughter’s B’day Party After Confetti Landed All Over the Food


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Source: TikTok | princesshermossa03

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Birthday parties are not just about cakes and food anymore. To celebrate another year of being your glamorous self, many people today bring along confetti poppers to “enhance” the celebration.

It’s common to be “showered” with the confetti but things can get a lot messier if they land in the wrong place. On her Tiktok post @princesshermossa03, a makeup artist in Sabah, Ruhai Jefry shared how things got messy soon after she popped the confetti poppers for her daughter’s 4th birthday.

The confetti landed onto the food which was placed on the table just in front of them.

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That is certainly A LOT of work to do before the guests could feast. Ruhai’s husband was disappointed but he kept his cool and walked into the kitchen.

In her post, Ruhai admitted that it was her fault for not listening to her husband, who had told her earlier to cover the food.

“Once my daughter blew the candles, I popped the confetti and I didn’t think that they would land on the food.”

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Ruhai said that her husband was not as angry as many media have reported.

“He was just upset. He actually went into the kitchen to get the broom.”

In terms of the food, fortunately, the wastage was minimal BUT there was a lot of work to be done before she could serve the food to the guests. Ruhai said that the confetti had to be removed from the food. Not only that but the food had to be washed and re-cooked prior to serving.

“I served the guests with the extra food in the kitchen first. I had to discard the top part of the rice but other than that, I cleaned the food and cooked them again,” Ruhai explained to WORLD OF BUZZ.

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In another TikTok post, Ruhai clarified that everything is fine between her husband and herself, and denied all the allegations made by some people who reposted her clip and claimed that the pair is in a bad fight.

“My husband is not as short tempered they have described.”

You can watch the viral clip below.


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♬ bunyi asal – Princes Ruhai Jefry – Princes Ruhai Jefry

The birthday party may have been a mess in the beginning but it went well eventually. Ruhai also reminded others to always be mindful of their surroundings before popping the confetti. Have you made an unexpected mess with the confetti before?


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