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Relax and Recharge With These Top 5 Japanese Onsen Spas in Klang Valley


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Source: Urban Retreat Spa & 38⁰c Onsen Spa | Facebook

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Onsen, which roughly translates to “hot springs” are an important aspect of Japanese culture and have been used for therapeutic and calming purposes for generations. What makes an Onsen so specially relaxing are the specific minerals added to the waters which must have a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or more, though the usual temperature is 38 degrees Celsius.


As much as we wish you could experience the original Onsen in Japan itself, sometimes things get a bit more complicated when factors like money and travel come into play. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience this stress free treat! That’s why we’re bringing you the top 5 Onsen spas you can try out right here in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

It’s time to plan your next self care session, because you deserve it!

1.Hanami Wellness Centre

Hanami Wellness Centre Onsen Spa Malaysia 001

Hanami Wellness Centre is located at Puchong and has a very Zen interior, with terrazzo flooring and wood furnishings.

Here, you can experience their stone bathtub, where natural mineral-rich salts have been extracted from Japan’s famed volcanic highlands. They offer 4 kinds of special Onsen slats which are Kirei (for beauty and skin nourishment), Anshin (for relaxation and tranquillity), Iyashi (for healing from the inside out), and Genki (for energy increase).

The baths here are set to a comforting temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Celcius which helps to increase blood circulation, relieves tense muscles and helps to reduce stress. It’ll definitely be hard for anyone to stress out when surrounded by such an aesthetically calming environment like this.

For more information, checkout their website and Facebook. 




2. Lynne Health Wellness

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This spa spot is pretty new compared to others on the list. Lynne Health Wellness is situated at Sri Petaling and offers special spa treatments for women like facial masks, laser hair removals and body massages. They also offer “Energy Onsen Spa” as part of their health and wellness treatments for both individuals and couples at a fair price, plus you get your own private bath!

The team at Lynne Health Wellness are highly trained and experienced therapists, ensuring you’ll have a safe and relaxing time.

Check out their website or Facebook for more details.



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3. Onsen Cheras

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This next Onsen spa is located in Cheras and prides itself for being a family loved establishment. Onsen Cheras specializes in authentic Japanese Onsen baths as well as amazingly tailored massages for each customer.

Their private Onsen rooms are uniquely designed, offering a spacious wooden bathtub that can fit two adults as well as a digital “window” offering views of tranquil Japanese landscape.


If you’re looking for a reasonable splurge, this spa has packages (for individuals or couples) that’s so worth it! They include hot teas, a foot soak, massages and either sea salt milk, black tea or lemongrass ginger baths. That sounds pretty darn relaxing.

For more information, check out their Facebook or Instagram!

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4. Urban Retreat Spa

40 Onsen Journey Copy

Urban Retreat is Malaysia’s first most authentic Japanese bath spa, recreated using mineral-rich crystalline powders collected directly from Japan’s renowned Onsen springs. The individual wooden tubs are also imported from Japan!

This spa is popular amongst spa enthusiasts and is rapidly expanding with 6 outlets already open. While you may book a good massage or spa treatment here, the star of Urban Retreat is undoubtedly their Onsen. The tubs are available in private rooms (so don’t worry, you won’t have to strip naked in front of strangers!)

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You can choose the Onsen mineral of your choice (3 types ranging from beauty centered to calming) as well as your preferred bath temperature for a relaxing 45 minute bath.

For more information on prices check out their website.




5. 38⁰c Onsen Spa

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38⁰c Onsen Spa is located at Mont Kiara. This spa is extra special compared to the rest because you have the option to dress up in their in-house Kimonos before you step into their Onsen baths to give you that full Japan fantasy. Imagine the cute pictures you’d get to snap!

They also offer yummy snacks and desserts to enjoy during your 45 minute soak, set at a temperature of 38⁰c (the perfect temperature for beginner Onsen spa goers). 

For more information on prices and reservations, check out their Facebook or Instagram.

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We hope you get to experience a relaxing time in the tranquil baths offered above.

While you won’t be able to soak in natural outdoor hot spring surrounded by snowy mountains like in Japan, this list is the closest thing to fulfilling your Japanese Onsen fantasies.


You deserve a treat considering the work you’ve put in so far for this year! So take this chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life just for awhile for a well-deserved pick me up and a much needed break. 



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